YAHOO China the fall of a mail service has been shut down without too much value highlights



China YAHOO mailbox will stop service

on August 19th

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in the network of rivers and lakes to change rapidly, hold the "charm" is a very difficult thing, fleeting public attention, so that each product team are in the riding position. Most of the time, only when the "stop operation" in the form of news news was announced to the world, people will come to experience the brutal law of the jungle, or regret or sigh issued indignation. From this time nobody cares, died after another into a hot spot, the reality is always so market competition in their mocking.

however, illness and death, the end is the world of regret, failure of the Internet ancestors is like a mirror, but also reflected the growing old users. MSN, Google Reader, China blog network, Baidu has ah…… YAHOO mail to china. Related news, there is a comment is particularly sad: a few years ago, I gave myself a secret love of the YAHOO mail sent a 10 years to receive the time capsule, which can not be received, or."

conspiracy rumors rampant again. At the beginning of this year, there are rumors that the Alibaba in May 2013 the YAHOO group will Chinese equity replacement way to "return" to the United States YAHOO, YAHOO Chinese team will also be transferred to the Alibaba of the project group. Although the news was Alibaba official denied that, but Chinese YAHOO mail stop service, and guide all users to migrate to the latest action Ali cloud mailbox, still can not help but think of the Alibaba is "xiemoshalv".

We might

at starting point back to the story, YAHOO Chinese relive the vicissitudes, and traces of the first generation of the Internet Chinese left.


(Yahoo!) was founded by Taiwan born American immigrants Yang Zhiyuan and university students David Filo, the first wave is equipped with Internet, has become one of the fastest twentieth Century Wall Street stock appreciation, and open Internet portal mode.

in 1999, YAHOO entered the Chinese market, at the time of the whole of China are not many sites in the background, the Chinese Internet users will soon enter the ranks of the main entrance. But like all American Internet companies, Yang Zhiyuan and his YAHOO does not adapt to the barbaric growth of the Chinese local Internet environment, Sina, NetEase are beyond the bright younger generation.

this time, Zhou Hongyi of Hubei entered the YAHOO vision, he called "3721 Internet assistant" business to cover almost all Internet users China plug-in IE browser, by brutally simple pop ads a year sold 2 hundred million sales, YAHOO.