Daily topic grab tickets can still be used to increase the burden of 12306


news January 21st, today the national new year’s day, passengers will be able to buy train tickets to all parts of the country through 12306 sites, since the first day of new year’s Eve is the Spring Festival "Golden Week", and this also means that the tickets during the Spring Festival will usher in a peak in today.


entered the spring, although the Ministry of railways made a further improvement on the Internet and telephone booking and other functions, but hard to get a vote is still not able to effectively alleviate the. "You get the tickets?" instead of "have you eaten?" has become the universal language of greeting people.

according to public data, the Ministry of Railways 12306 booking website recently daily traffic increased by more than 20% per 200 thousand people online at the same time, the peak in a day, a total of 17 million people logged in, hits a day up to 1 billion 500 million times, some hot line tickets sold out within 20 seconds.

for tickets difficult, 360, Jinshan, Sogou, roaming and other browser vendors have launched a ticket grab tool, but soon attracted the involvement of the relevant departments. Recently, there is news that the Ministry has issued a notice requiring the use of these enterprises to stop the ticket grab tools.

, however, the new channel IT yesterday evening landing 360, Jinshan, Sogou, roaming and other browser manufacturers official website found that the browser is still available to purchase tickets or download the exclusive version of the ticket. After downloading and trial found that the browser’s ticket function is still normal operation.

"halt" doubt

on Friday, the media reported that the Ministry of Railways has interviewed the relevant person in charge of Kingsoft cheetah browser "grab a ticket", and asked to suspend the software to grab votes. On the same day, Jinshan accept IT channel interview, said they are communicating with the Ministry of railways, and actively strive to provide users with online ticketing services.

the same day in the evening, 360 of the company’s stakeholders to the new channel IT said, has received notice of the Ministry of industry, but the specific requirements of the notice is still in the process of confirmation with the Ministry of. Kingsoft Corp said, has not received notice of the Ministry of industry. Yesterday, Sogou browser micro-blog official news release, but so far, the company has never been Sogou "interview", "has never been stopped".

in this regard, the Ministry of the relevant staff in an interview with CCTV reporter failed to give a clear answer, but Beijing reporter made the electrical Ministry, a staff member said not received the relevant information.

so far, whether the authorities stop browser grab tickets still need further verification.

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