Feng Xin and storm Technology Gambling achievements rich mythology of a new King Trading A shares

Abstract: storm after the listing of A shares to become the new limit king. Now, the removal of VIE, the return of A shares is a bit "a", but in 2010 the decision, but also somewhat drastic, the meaning of the fight to win or die. Recall that four years of hard, Feng Xin that "a road to black" to describe is not deep.

In 2011

released after the listing of rhetoric, Feng Xin took 4 years to fulfill this promise.

After the listing of

storm video, A shares to become the new limit of the king, to May 8th closing price to count, the company created 10 billionaires, the top 10 million millionaires and 66 millionaires.

people focus on the stock price and the storm when the rich myth, it is inevitable to ignore Feng Xin and the company four years of ups and downs.

"water to the poor, from sit see, so the story outlines Feng Xin and storm technology, but also appropriate. This is a story of magic and reality.

I asked the old gold hermit, Feng Xin is? Friend said, "tough, smart, brotherhood". Tenacity, wisdom, brotherhood, these labels also seems to be the Jinshan Department of entrepreneurs of nature. As Wang Feng, the blue harbor interactive twists and turns, do not move a mountain, finally at the end of 2014 after the listing of The path winds along mountain ridges., Hongkong, more to expand, pan entertainment strategic layout around.

and Wang Feng’s ups and downs, Feng Xin and his storm video, but also thorns all the way. But, fortunately, they are intelligent people, with vision, pattern, and tenacity, there are brothers support, the Internet is also the jungle, rivers and lakes, which is about two words walking loyalty.

listed, for Wang Feng or Feng Xin, and not a simple bell or fund-raising, they actually are already free of wealth. Listed, is standing in a high, shaped into a potential node. A brother once told me, "the situation is stronger than people, this sentence I in many not to mind taking the trouble cited in the article, Wang Feng Feng Xin’s storm blue Moupian layout, the accumulation of decades, persevere, are in charge, all previous efforts, eventually accumulate encircled the lake, IPO, is the potential energy release," node Lake burst pouring.

is different, Wang Feng will lead to potential BLUE PAN entertainment, Feng Xin is trying to lead the storm mirror". Feng Xin said the storm mirror began as a project, now he wants to put it into a separate company. Feng Xin joked that they do not understand, do not understand the financing, but do not know to find the outlet, but these problems are solved in the mirror.

2013, a friend told me, Ali acquired the everyday sounds, is also working with latitude, Feng Xin about the storm, Ali pan entertainment strategy, the acquisition of small shrimp, investment Youku, will continue to invest in some "Pan entertainment" of the company. According to earnings, storm has 50 million active users, monthly active users of 2 hundred million, is a good company, a