From the flow to the remnants of an old Chinese practice part company each going his own way to huko




from the PC to the mobile Internet, a group of Internet Financial ride on the bonus period, the rapid rise.


today, the flow of dividends disappear, a crazy, legendary traffic times, aimless end.

passenger costs soared from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars, standing at the crossroads of Internet banking, no hesitation……

divvy up traffic, no fresh users, traffic giant monopoly after the crazy exploitation, in the face of this no fish fishing, grappling with fierce Xuehai, Internet banking,

how to survive?

is a special financial planning, traffic system project second, traffic flow and monopoly, the third party platform in order to survive in the cracks……

01, the rise of new traffic

"liar! Take off!"

in March 2016, after the Spring Festival has just started a few weeks, a WeChat Wang Mingyuan operation from the media queen, push a gold cross platform advertising, unexpectedly, the background user instantly by angry message engulfed.

looked at the "digital was concerned about the number of" following up, Wang Mingyuan felt two years ago another extreme madness, as if a generation had passed.

two years ago, an article entitled "Ma cried artifact to subvert the balance of treasure" gimmick articles, by tens of thousands of users blitz.

Zhong Ping has seen the most extreme example: 100 thousand of the customer put the soft advertising, WeChat channel return of tens of millions of magnitude of investment.

once the mad pursuit, to today’s parade was suspended or beaten, experienced heaven and purgatory.

two years ago, the rise of the third party traffic channels, not the history of the accident, but the inevitable market.

that time, Baidu monopoly PC terminal 80% traffic, in the Baidu PPC, brand area under the mechanism, everyone, such as falling into a huge black hole, survived hopeless.

In fact,

, investment, finance, P2P, had a few words, in the competition, the price soared to start off.

a click or even up to several tens of dollars, from the click to the conversion to the registration, and ultimately retained only a few thousandths, a cost of up to thousands of passengers, or even tens of thousands.

and brand area prices have gone up, every month from a few thousand yuan, up to one million yuan.

from Baidu to today’s headlines, and then to the super APP WeChat, all traffic began to soar.

"sometimes, we feel that in the work flow to those giants, we earn income, are giant harvest", a well-known platform operators responsible person, in order to passengers, more than the company’s total annual expenditure of 50%, or even higher.