n silence China radio fourth operators should not be underestimated

June 14th morning Commentary (Zhang Hailong) as the basis of the fourth major domestic telecom operators, Chinese broadcasting since the date of birth, in all expectations, contempt, indifferent eyes hard alone.

although only a mere 4 billion 500 million yuan of registered capital, but it is burdened with the integration of the national cable operators, breakthrough task of triple play, is broadcasting system supervision department hopes; but on the other hand, subject to the operation of the main cable network fragmentation, system stiffness, backward technology, it does not seem to be the traditional telecom industry recognition and no one even put it as competitors; for ordinary consumers, it is more of a "stall". They don’t care about.

of course, China radio or some unique features, such as the nationwide cable TV network, and good relations with the video content of these, let China radio at the starting line will have the advantage. However, the reality of China’s Radio and television has not been caused by the frequent concern of the industry, but in addition to the establishment of a fixed network license, there will be no more sound.


profile is not necessarily a bad thing, for lack of money, lack of time, lack of technology, lack of a licence, the mechanism of Chinese broadcasting, instead of chasing fame, is popular with everyone concerned, rather than just get to work, finally to competitors’ surprise". In reality, China radio does, is around these short board, a piece of the filled.

funding and license

for China Radio and television chairman Zhao Jingchun, the money come from, is the biggest problem plaguing China’s Radio and television.

but the problem is gradually resolved, according to Zhao Jingchun, Chinese radio and television information network industry has become a national major project package member units, to establish a close strategic partnership with the Agricultural Development Bank China, industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, CDB has established good cooperative relations, is studying the establishment of broadcasting network industrial development fund.

can be said that the huge capital financing channels need Chinese development of radio and television has been established, have the confidence to restrict the development of broadcasting network for many years to break the bottleneck shortage of funds, a new journey forward into the big investment, big output, great development.

solves the problem of money, then the license plate. China Radio and television requires a lot of licenses are in the hands of the Ministry of industry, and the two systems in the history of considerable intersection.

Zhao Jingchun said, Chinese broadcasting is to strengthen communication with the Ministry of industry and the relevant departments, for as soon as possible was awarded the license to operate international Internet data transmission services, international communication facilities, telecommunications services such as voice communication services; implementation of national radio and television networks in the Internet NAP, backbone direct point and gateway and telecommunications networks, broadband Internet connection efficient interworking; obtain code number and IP address resources, to better carry out innovative business integration.

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