State Press and Publication Administration of radio prohibit reporters and other private criticism June 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) 18, the State Press and Publication Administration issued a notification, requiring news organizations to reporters stations, websites, business departments, centralized editorial department clean, serious problems to correct illegal, good news coverage, prohibit reporters stop cross industry, cross domain the interview reports, banned news reporters and correspondents station without the consent of the unit privately reported criticism.


report also pointed out that the news media make a good report and approval, prohibit reporters stations and news reporters secretly set up a website, the website of local channels, special edition magazine, published reports of internal criticism; good business activities, prohibit reporters and editors offer stand, advertising, public relations and other types of companies, prohibit reporters stations and reporters engaged in advertising, distribution, sponsorship and other business activities, issued a ban advertising and distribution management tasks to reporters and editors station staff.

, the State Press and publication administration relevant responsible person said that the radio and television administrative departments at all levels to increase the publication of news extortion and false news crackdown, published by the news media repeatedly reported telephone, mobilize the masses to participate in grassroots units and supervision. To verified the existence of news extortion, paid news, paid not hear the news unit, serious publishing license be revoked; to seek illegitimate interests for use in news gathering activities verified news reporter, news reporters always revoke the permit; suspected of a crime, should be transferred to the judicial organ for criminal responsibility according to law; in charge of news the unit shall be responsible for the management of people, must be transferred to their superiors discipline inspection and supervision departments to pursue disciplinary rules and responsibilities.

the person in charge also introduced, grassroots units and individuals if found problems, the first time to report. The State Press and publication administration special action report Tel: 010-65212870010 65212877; the national Internet Information Office report telephone: 12377; the national anti pornography office report telephone: 12390.