Twenty first Century news extortion case verdicts Shen Hao jailed for 4 years

lasted more than a year in twenty-first Century, reported the Department of extortion case first instance verdict.

, reported 9 points this morning, Shanghai City People’s Court of Pudong New Area on twenty-first Century forced trading accused Guangdong media Limited by Share Ltd case, the defendant Shen Hao, blackmail and impose exactions on forced transactions, embezzlement case, the defendant Yue Bing embezzlement case verdict.

Pudong court to the crime of forced transaction, sentenced the defendant unit Guangdong twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd fined nine million four hundred and eighty-five thousand yuan; the defendant Shen Hao committed crime, blackmail and impose exactions on the crime of forced trading, embezzlement, has surrendered, meritorious circumstances, the number of crimes, sentenced to four years imprisonment, fined sixty thousand yuan; with the music ice guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years; the illegal proceeds shall be confiscated.

other cases in the series of cases today will also be made in the first instance verdict.

twenty-first Century network event began in September 3, 2014, the same day, in twenty-first Century, including the editor in chief, deputy editor, including the relevant personnel, was arrested on suspicion of extortion by the Shanghai municipal public security bureau. According to the police report, since November 2013 twenty-first Century, Network Editor Liu, deputy editor of Zhou and some editorial management staff, collusion Shanghai Yun Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin finance and public relations firms in twenty-first Century to take the network as the main platform, PR company and industry news reporters solicit introduce screening to identify other ways to find a "listing" to be listed, restructuring, transformation and other topics listed companies or well-known companies as the target object for illegal activities.


event further fermentation in September 25th, Xinhua News Agency issued the afternoon news, twenty-first Century media company president, "twenty-first Century economic report" founder and publisher of Shen Hao, general manager Chen Dongyang was taken away by the police. The same day, the Southern Newspaper Media Group from Shen Hao, Chen Dongyang duties, and appointed the Southern Newspaper Media Group deputy editor Wang Yijun, Nanfang Daily editorial Guo Yile served as Deputy Secretary of Department of Party committee secretary, twenty-first Century. Southern Newspaper Media Group began on twenty-first Century, the Department of internal rectification.

Shen Hao after being taken away, his wife Jiang Hua stand on the Guangzhou Southern Newspaper Media Group after more than 1 hours, to have lost the freedom of the person of Shen Hao police justice. The soul, Shen Hao twenty-first Century newspapers was born in March 1971, graduated in 1992 from the Chinese Department of Beijing University, into the southern newspaper. "Twenty-first Century economic report" was founded in January 1, 2001 by Shen Hao et al. Shen was taken away by the police caused a great shock in the media circle.