Daily topic Sohu video continue rectification or accelerate the sale of Sogou

station network (www.admin5.com) news July 22nd, 19 this month, the Sohu (SOHU.NASDAQ) announced adjustments to the Sohu’s video management architecture: the Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang personally served as Sohu video proxy CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Sohu chief editor Liu Chun as president of the original video Sohu, Sohu video CEO Deng Ye was transferred to the COO (chief operating officer).

previously, Zhang Zhaoyang in the "closed" two years, although the Sohu’s online business from China fourth into the top three, but missed the reshuffle of micro-blog, WeChat and other social media, search is also 360 counter ultra video field; and the increasingly fierce competition, the Sohu had old men Koo, Gong Yu Iqiyi gains were led Youku, potatoes, PPS, firmly occupy the first camp, now Sohu is behind the video.

analysts familiar with the field of video, video Sohu in the current situation to make beset with troubles internally and externally, to adjust, in the fierce competition, does not change the battlefield will fall. Sohu video personnel adjustment is only the first step. In fact, the adjustment of the personnel structure of Sohu video Zhang Zhaoyang in May 20th when he was publicly accepted the media interview hinted. Zhang Zhaoyang said the Sohu is the strategic core group in the future video Sohu, Sohu from the video Sohu group closer, two occurred between the personnel deployment and call is normal, do not represent what major changes inside.

had previously reported that Sohu video acquisition PPTV due to price, the integration of the management team can not achieve the problem has been stranded. Recently, there is news that Sohu video is working with everyone on the acquisition of 56 Network matters negotiations. No matter how the acquisition target, Zhang Zhaoyang personally served as Sohu in CEO video acquisition integration progress will be accelerated, and the gap or Youku potatoes and the acquisition of PPS Iqiyi on the scale will be opened, the possibility of disappearance.

video is one of the main battlefield of the current Internet industry competition, the online video industry after more than 8 years of development has not yet formed an absolute monopoly advantage of the enterprise. Zhang Zhaoyang keen entertainment in the field of video has its own ambitions. Zhang Zhaoyang "T’ung" video has been heralded Sohu, Sohu is expected to become a video after the second listed independent business, and has been surrounded by rumors of the sale or to accept the fate.

more than once in public to show the importance of video Zhang Zhaoyang, Sohu video has been regarded as a new growth point of advertising revenue. With all of his focus shifted over, Sohu video is also expected to become the second listed Sohu after the tour independent business. In contrast, the same is Sohu’s independent business Sogou does not seem to be so Sohu video care". The Zhang Zhaoyang eccentric, so that the original sale rumors in the Sogou seems to have a clear result, that is, the sale of Sogou Video funds to raise funds for Sohu.

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