Victims of the joint prosecution of the site the original man

news July 3rd, NetEase exclusive coverage of the Jiangsu Taizhou ISP science and technology service providers "primitive" absconded, hundreds of thousands of sites affected by the news, today more than 60 owners rushed to the "primitive" is located in Jiangsu Taizhou discussing. Wu told reporters from Zhejiang, Jinhua science and technology, the victim site plans next Monday (July 6th) to go to court to prosecute the original man, he called for the protection of the contract should not get the victim and the contract.

owners said they would sue the original man

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" of primitive people ‘court was blocked, we dare not touch. This morning, we have more than and 20 people first to the telecommunication bureau of Jiangyan City, and difficult to Taizhou municipal government. In the afternoon with another batch of webmaster will and after, and returned to the Telecommunications Bureau, Wu webmaster told NetEase science and technology.

in the telecommunication bureau at the door, some Adsense car blocked the telecommunication office door, and hang out "Jiangsu Telecom, but also my machine.".

later the local public security departments to come forward, on behalf of the municipal government and the telecommunications sector coordination, the first opening of the server requirements, so that the owners back up the server data. We first registered their respective provinces and companies, so that after each province sent a representative to discuss with the public security departments and telecom operators." It is understood that at 7 o’clock PM part of the line has been restored.

but there is no clear idea of when the server will be able to get back to the original man. Master Wu told the NetEase of science and technology, the owners have an appointment next Monday to the local court "primitive", "but we must provide evidence that the server assets belong to us, to get."

it is understood that today’s arrival in Taizhou, mainly from Jiangsu, Yancheng, Nantong and other places, in addition to some from Zhejiang, Anhui and Shandong. In addition, some of the Sichuan and Guangzhou will arrive in Taizhou tomorrow.

at the same time, China Network (WWW.V8V.NET) is also very concerned about the matter, is willing to provide 3 months of security for the original people to pass the expired

called for the protection of the victim without evidence

is now the most headache is Wu master, hands and no primitive transaction evidence. "It is to send the invoices, but the ‘primitive’ dodge busy next week to send, and drag the result next week. People are so big companies, we are sorry to urge."

and Wu similar to the situation of the webmaster is not a few, there are friends said, my first 3 servers have been no express to me the invoice, the latter said to be able to get to the middle of July, and even the contract did not have 6." In the original human rights groups, a large number of owners also expressed no concern about the evidence.

insiders told the NetEase of science and technology, between ISP service providers and sites such as "primitive" many transactions are conducted online, a third-party electronic payment, the other party to provide the account number and password. Many times there is no contract, no invoice.

"their propaganda"