Stationmaster net broadcast Meizu new flagship Pro 5 issued a monthly income of one hundred thousand

1.XcodeGhost event follow-up: Apple will download Xcode tools into the domestic

yesterday, senior vice president of Apple Corp Phil · Schiller (Phil Schiller) media interview last week, in response to "XCodeGhost Trojan infection event" on some unresolved problems, given the response.

XcodeGhost Trojan incident occurred last week is still fermenting, huge impact. Schiller said that this incident is caused by several common factors, Apple has a protective Gatekeeper and signature verification mechanism, but the application of Gatekeeper, and enter the copycat is closed, so that hackers can take advantage of.

2 with the five Jen moon story wonderful solution pan chaos: how one empty set of 43 billion

and investors specifically went to Kunming, hoping to find his principal, but it is still "ran and eggs". In the first few months, and angry investors in Shanghai hold a single Jiuliang and seized and turned over to the police station, but the problem is not solved. Pan Asia’s capital chain has been broken, simply could not get so much money; and now as a pan Tuo Xiang is the world abandon, someone will really take this hot potato?

21 in the afternoon, some investors gathered in the Commission’s Beijing Fukai building, hope that through the collective power to seek an explanation for the money pit being pan.

small in here suggest that readers do not go out, you don’t know what to say is a pan ", it seems that they are not fashion. After all, by the Pan Asian pit 43 billion money 220 thousand investors have been running for several months, 43 billion what is the concept? Small can only say money in 2014 listed companies on the list, the name of the CITIC Bank net profit of fourteenth is 41 billion 454 million, the Pan Asia is how to do 43 billion sets of bare hands and listen to small series? A story jiefa solution.

3 double eleven marketing Raiders: ready, preheating, the outbreak of


September 22nd, the Ali Mama "2015 electric marketing Chinese" series of activities held in Hangzhou, and had a different in Beijing and Shanghai, the upcoming 11 revolves around this event, not only this year’s double more than and 11 a lot of new gameplay, while its marketing strategy and launch strategy through double 11 cars and diamond booth also changed.

three steps: Ali mother to pay attention to traffic behind

corresponds to Ali’s mother in the planning of big data marketing. Ali, director of the division of electricity providers stressed that the sky, the first business needs to change their ideas, not just concerned about the flow, and to pay more attention to the flow of consumers behind.

4 how to create viral content