From the decline in the market detours Lianzhong over Kaner

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introduction: once the famous has experienced 16 years of ups and downs, finally came to fruition in June 30th, on behalf of thousands of international official at the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board.

was the famous after 16 years of ups and downs, finally coming into fruition, June 30th on behalf of thousands of international official at the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board.

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company listed on the HKEx disclosure documents show that Lianzhong international was founded in 1998, is a fully deserve the "old" company, the major shareholders include Beijing Dewei Wofu Investment Consultants Limited, private Holdings Company CMC and air network, based on investor’s people Aussies Media Technology Co. Ltd. for the IPO the $5 million to subscribe for shares, if the IPO price was HK $4.25 / share calculation, the shareholding of 1.16%.

thousands PC games currently average monthly active users increased from 4 million 800 thousand in 2011 to 9 million 900 thousand in 2013, as of the first quarter of 2014, PC game game player registered a total of over 396 million, the total registered mobile game game player 51 million 400 thousand. The company’s one-stop PC client Lianzhong hall offers 200 balance games, including 40 types of card games, about 25 more than the balance of mahjong games, 20 board games, 10 balance licensing and three party operators of massively multiplayer online games and many casual games. In the past three years, our income from 236 million yuan in 2011 to 154 million yuan in 2013 increased to the compound annual growth rate of 23.9%; net profit of 40 million 500 thousand yuan from 2011 to 2013 growth of 26 million 500 thousand yuan, a CAGR of 23.5%.

Lianzhong the fund-raising for the following purposes: about 30% for the optimization and expansion of the company network game portfolio and further improve the company’s game development engine, data analysis system and cloud technology infrastructure; about 20% for intellectual property rights and distribution rights to buy the game; about 25% for online and offline integrated chess game and other championships advertising and promotional activities; approximately 15% for investment or acquisition of dedicated mobile gaming independent game developers; the remaining 10% used to supplement the company’s working capital and other general corporate purposes.

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mentioned Lianzhong, have to say boyaa interactive successfully listed in Hong Kong last, but between Lianzhong and Burson Marsteller interactive to some extent there are still some differences. Burson Marsteller interactive game player has a large number of overseas (about 37%), which brought nearly 70% of the income for boyaa interactive. The OurGame is mainly for the domestic market, domestic users in casual games generally pay rate is not high. OurGame line competitions are carried out like a raging fire, but it is very easy to a certain extent restricted by policy.

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