ntrusion server extortion 5000 yuan was sentenced to a small hacker for 6 months

network hacker Zhang Ziwei invasion of computer servers to delete data as a threat, ask for money 5000 yuan. In December 11th, the Shanghai Jingan District court of the "hacker extortion case verdict, sentenced Zhang Ziwei to blackmail and impose exactions on detention for 6 months, and 5000 yuan for the restitution of victimized companies.

21 year old Zhang Ziwei is a company’s computer maintenance. The afternoon of October 10th this year, Zhang Ziwei through the computer network connection unit into the computer information system of a company in Shanghai. He first the other computer information system to do a backup of the data, and then the other computer information system to delete the relevant data. Then, Zhang Ziwei to each other message: if you want the data to pay 5000 yuan."

second days, the company money into Zhang Ziwei

bank card, he will download the backup data back to the other side of the company’s server.

data recovery after the damage is reported to the police. Less than a week, Zhang Ziwei was arrested.

    Wang  , editor’s note: the figure is a sin to; look, network intrusion is very small, why was convicted of criminal detention for 6 months? Is a young white-collar image, computer network, the other side has become the master, who spurned the criminal image. The change of concept. Living in the personal webmaster, daily contact is more hateful to hackers. We often inadvertently become a hacker or hackers. In a lot of time on the connivance of hackers, tolerance, so that hackers get deeper and deeper. Together, the hacker is shameless network rogue, is unable to tolerate the corner image of pests.

    a hacker was arrested, did not cause enough attention, when hackers tears dripping prison of regret, also don’t know how deep our sins, when you were just out of prison, your parents in mind, in front of your friends, you are in the society. Is the image of a prisoner. But nowadays many hackers still playing with expert network, playing with the youth, when you don’t get caught up, your honor, you are very proud of your personality, courage. Have you ever thought about the loss of someone else’s server when they invaded other people’s data. There is no thought, the taste of hard years of website, allows you to attack, but that is not the invasion site, be destroyed on one day, is the webmaster and enterprise’s heartstrings, lifeblood. So the criminals. The network should be held in contempt.  

      in the grassroots, many hobby hackers, just pure play type, technology, don’t rush into danger. Do not learn to destroy. Not even with commercial purposes, as a get out of hand. >