Micro blog earnings and then look at the content of the contribution of the synergy with the platfor


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November and entered the earnings season, 22, micro-blog released the 2016 third quarter earnings. Earnings data show that as of the third quarter, micro-blog monthly active users was 297 million, an increase of 34%, the largest increase this year. Micro-blog three quarter total revenue of $1 billion 180 million, an increase of 49%, net profit rose by more than $156%, far exceeding Wall Street analysts expected.


from the form of products, micro-blog this year to experience from the text to the picture, and then to the superposition of a series of functions and derived nine figure, video, broadcast, based on social media and micro-blog has become a media platform. The media content has spawned a diversified ecological model, so that micro-blog’s earnings so brisk.

micro-blog has become a leader in media content ecology

from the media point of view, since the birth of micro-blog has been the leader in the field and explorer. From the beginning of the text to the later text, to the squares of the pictures and even small video and broadcast, micro-blog has been leading in this era continue to touch media form, let it continue to move forward, let social and media form evolution.

this year in particular, perfect short video and live products such as micro-blog, which has not only become a bridge connecting the news media, and users, but also to the whole media platform advantages for the user to provide a better experience and sense of participation.

Although micro-blog

from Twitter, but Twitter has been stalled, in the form of products step by step backward, but micro-blog is in the form of products always maintain enterprising attitude. All media content of ecological attitude leader and explorers let micro-blog today has formed a complete set of "all media" products, to meet user demand change rapidly.

in August this year, the latest report of Morgan Stanley argues that micro-blog’s new products (such as short video, live) micro-blog will further broaden the range of services, the long run will have a strong commercial liquidity, will greatly promote the growth of micro-blog’s revenue, its profit margins will be improved. This is precisely to show that micro-blog’s full media content ecological strategy has been recognized by international investors.

‘s "all media" content ecology strategy is clearly working.

say, bamboo forest roots, look back to micro-blog in the past few years, the development will be found, from text to video and live, this is precisely the bamboo gradually developed roots of ecological forest and ultimately become the whole process.

has always focused on the operation and construction of social relationships

video and live indeed tuyere, micro-blog is indeed stepped on the air above. However, as a social media platform, micro-blog not only to focus on the media business, but also to protect social stickiness, because social networking is the fundamental survival of micro-blog. Social life is not just micro-blog