Fast money CEO Guan Guoguang business outlook does not take the unusual way

he studied the ship manufacturing professional, after going abroad to get a master’s degree in industrial management, but eventually became a Chartered Financial Analyst in Wall Street. He served as senior vice president of NetEase, to help NetEase after the successful listing has entered the jiliuyongtui, not fully open the third party payment market. The "do not take the unusual way," the entrepreneur is fast money CEO Guan guoguang.

entrepreneurs need a very dedicated and absolute faith, and even paranoia, so as to lead the team to do something that no one has done before." Guan Guoguang said.

in 1993 after graduate school, Guan Guoguang Wall Street in the United States is committed to private equity fund asset management and Internet and other high-tech industry investment, working is five years. This is the crucial five years, laid the foundation for his later venture.

July 1999, Guan Guoguang return to invest, served as senior vice president of NetEase, in charge of business development and strategic cooperation. Under his leadership, a year after the completion of the reorganization of the NetEase and $one hundred and thirty million in financing, from a small company of 30 people jumped to the U.S. NASDAQ listed companies has a staff of 350.


, Guan Guoguang chose to leave, in April 2004 created the company fast money. I have always wanted to do a financial services and Internet companies, I think the third party payment in China matures."

The growth of

fast money in the dark, has become the enterprise electronic payment of a payment products rich, covering a wide range of people, the introduction of payment products including RMB payment, payment card, easyown payment, payment / charge service, VPOS service, group account management and other payment products, Internet, mobile phone, telephone and support POS and other terminal.

to May 2008, fast money has 24 million registered users and a business partner of 100 thousand, and won the payment clearing system security technology level certificate. From the absolute point of view, the number of users is very large, but the proportion of the total number of users in the network is a small number of network payment growth is too broad." Guan Guoguang said.

talked about the difficulty of starting a business, Guan Guoguang said, talent is a big challenge. Third party payment is an emerging financial services, the need for Internet technology and traditional financial services are familiar with the talent, the market is not much of this talent. He said, after several years of painstaking excavation, fast money team has a number of such talent gathering.

in the eyes of Guan Guoguang, entrepreneurship requires two basic qualities: absolutely optimistic about life and very persistent things. He said: we do now, with money related to regulatory, operational and policy will encounter many problems. Many people feel that this is a difficult area, we insist on down, in the process, there are a lot of sense of accomplishment."

at present, the industry generally believe that the application of the third party payment platform will be more and more widely, the scope of application has been purchased by the network