ndividual network future how to live Personal Adsense revealed their views

In fact,

virtual survival and the reality survival are surprisingly consistent, the individual network recently suffered and confusion is no exception. The reality of the market, vendors Jeeves flourished and accept to rectify, requires all departments and organizations operating room and strict qualification certificates, and some groups among the supermarket business strength, good strength slightly active in the flea market and the food market, and an economic ability is still weak, walk in the street doing something wrong with the edge of the industrial and commercial inspection……

Then the

series network after rectification, the network will choose what kind of self-employed who survive? How to develop and perfect the relevant laws and regulations and services to support and develop all kinds of businesses, keep sustainable prosperity and market regulators? If you are a network of self-employed, you will choose what kind of life?

"pessimistic" and "helpless" has become the end of the year in 2009, the popularity of the individual in the country’s general mood.

December 15, 2009 morning, with the sweat haired Mr. Wang did not wipe the sweat on his forehead, he is now the only goal is to arrive as soon as the center of Shanghai East Road, and is always different, he is not the final destination of their work units, and non anxious also because it will be late.


things on the evening of December 13th and the early morning of December 14th, Mr. Wang found it impossible to access the situation he was in part of the server hosting, server hosting providers signed in accordance with the agreement, no broken network shall not exceed 24 hours, now has more than 24 hours, while the server hosting provider did not give any explanation. So he wanted to see what room.

such as Mr. Wang’s personal webmaster in China more than 100 thousand, of which more than 30% of people give up their original occupation, and dedicated to their own personal website. They have plenty of money.


technology in the survey found that 60% of the individual owners in 2009 through his personal website profit, some part-time webmaster can achieve more than 1000 yuan of profits, part of a full-time webmaster can get 6551 yuan of income, high even more than 50 thousand yuan, with the help of the network to get a huge return, industry these habits will be known as the "SOHO network".

Individual businesses alone

and traditional domain, in a network of Internet self-employed who showed more younger trend, while their degree is higher, in the minds of young people, they are "cool" and "new" synonymous, even is expected to become tomorrow’s Ding Lei, Robin Li or Zhang Zhaoyang.

, however, recently, their living conditions have changed, the office building of the ants envy people has begun to deliver his resume to the company, and eager to become ant.

is a nationwide network campaign has become a turning point in their occupation career and in life.

"my site has been done for more than 6 years, just started"