Group purchase website B2C is just a matter of expediency business transformation

from August 14th, through 2011 to blossom everywhere to pack melee, closures, integration and mergers and acquisitions this year, group purchase site can be described as "Rainbow Night", the development of the whole industry is of vital importance to the moment, the live group purchase websites are seeking a new way, or to explore new development model, the transformation or to seek more space, or upgrade the mobile user experience, busy awfully.

overview of the domestic online shopping market, is currently seeking to buy in addition to the transformation of the layout of the network layout B2C mall, glutinous rice network has also launched an online shopping channel, mainly in kind transactions. Wo Wo Group has launched a new domain name Wowo mall, with more coupons in the form of more to retain users. It is not difficult to see, buy site is on the road to a mall model of e-commerce. The establishment of lashou mall being recognized as the masterpiece of group purchase website transformation.

quit the local service to seek a new way to transition

half, a lot of group purchase website for the transformation of the service life of the local great hope, but the data show that the domestic group purchase market last year sales volume of over 11 billion yuan, while in catering, leisure and entertainment, life service based local service product sales total sales of 7 billion 830 million yuan, accounting for 71%. But not all buy site can be divided into local service cake.

for small group purchase website, credibility is the biggest obstacle restricting its localization services, local service enterprises usually choose well-known large group purchase website cooperation, we have these small sites have almost no opportunity to cooperate with more and more difficult to talk about the list. To this end, from the original to the kind of product structure has gradually become a kind of physical." Some practitioners said Fujian group purchase website.

for large group purchase website, local service businesses there is a group purchase demand, but with the fierce competition, declining profits, want to snare a high-quality business more and more difficult, so the service life of the local market is also showing a piece of the red sea.

the real transformation of the Road Mall is just a matter of expediency to

Analysis of

group 800 Hu Chen said, "group purchase websites had entered the pan group purchase era, the real mall which reduce more manpower cost consumption in a certain degree, transition to the real estate rent mode of Taobao Tmall Juhuasuan, create more cash flow turnover, and to create conditions for the profit." However, there are some users mouthing the transformation mode of mall, Taobao pointed out that "the accumulation of resources far exceeding the handle network, the two sides had followed different patterns, but determined to handle transition mall, some take egg stone."

did for Taobao, such as handle mall transformation group purchase website, resources are very far, and do not say Juhuasuan, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electronic business platform, accounted for nearly 90% of the market share, single sourcing, customer service, from product warehousing, logistics and other problems are the group purchase website needs to solve the problems one by one.