Daily topic P2P net loan what should be taken in the face of illegal fund raising roll the foot of

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 21st news, Internet banking can be described as one of the most popular today, even the BAT also scrambling to join the want to occupy a seat. However, under the industry P2P net loan market is also very lively, known as the first year of Internet banking in 2013, on-line P2P net loan platform up to hundreds. Recently, the Zhejiang province Quzhou PO INVESTMENT LIMITED net loan platform operation more than 3 years of Zhejiang police investigation was again pushed into the net loan P2P in the teeth of the storm.

April 16th, Zhejiang Quzhou police informed the media, legal representative of the Investment Company Bao Zhou Hui alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public by the Quzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. Allegedly, this is the largest case of the use of P2P network platform in Zhejiang province cracked the case.

according to the net loan home statistics, this year there have been 27 problems P2P net loan platform. Why is P2P net loan in Chinese so popular? According to industry sources, if you want to open a P2P net loan platform on the Internet to find a system of agents, and then registered a company, you can start on-line operation, the cost is not high. P2P net loan to Chinese although more than 7 years, or a real outbreak began in 2013, especially after the launch of the balance of treasure Ali business in the second half of 2013, the concept of Internet Financial fiery, completely detonated has not lukewarm not fire P2P net loan.

if the P2P site before 2014 to survive, the first reason is the interest rate policy arbitrage. The current one-year deposit rate of 3.25%, it does not reflect the true cost of capital in our country at present, the real folk lending in the mortgage situation, short-term lending generally is much higher than the years of 10%, even more than the statutory benchmark interest rate 4 times, therefore, when the P2P website have opened over the years 15% of the interest rates, the lender’s funds will be fully Everfount into the new space. In such a high interest rate, even if the bad debt rate of P2P sites higher than the level of the bank, investors can still get a higher return on investment. It can be said that before 2013, as long as the site itself is not addlebrained, do things in violation of the financial risk control of common sense, survival is far more than the collapse; lenders earn money the opportunity is far greater than the chance of loss.

in October 2013, is still in the "non regulatory authorities in China, no industry standards P2P net loan risk control system, no barriers to entry" of the "three noes" situation, ushered in the first wave of closures, at that time, net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei once said: a future point in time, a month down 100 the platform will no longer be news. Although a little frightful to the ear but not unreasonable. Any one industry, in the time of the rise, flourish, after barbaric growth, facing reshuffle, inevitable.

Zhejiang police said, according to the circumstances in which they handled the case,