Kingsoft security and now after the first capital operation the acquisition of the drive home


driver wizard interface (Tencent technology plan)

April 7th news, Kingsoft security and can be combined with the first operation of bovine anti-virus surfaced. Tencent technology today informed that the day before the acquisition of Kingsoft network has a low profile driver download, news and product review sites Analysts pointed out that this is also the 360 security guards after the acquisition of the system to optimize the free software Lu master deal.

it is understood that the current Internet security software has 360 security guards, QQ computer housekeeper, Kingsoft security guards, which has many functions of killing Trojans, clean plug-in, bug fixes, computer examination, the shortage is that the software can not provide enough drive to user update.

currently in the drive updates done well mainly have 3, respectively is the Master Lu, drive home and drive life, hardware detection, all kinds of these software because of its professional and easy to use (such as CPU, graphics etc.) temperature real-time monitoring function, can help users identify the authenticity of computer hardware computer protection, stable operation, increasing the speed of the computer, have a large number of users.

In order to solve the problem of

driver update in September last year, the Qihoo 360 announced the acquisition of Master Lu, to make up for lack of relevant aspects. At the same time, Jinshan security is busy and can be combined with cattle anti-virus and other things, however, shortly after the end of the merger was carried out for the first time the capital operation, the family will be driven into the capsule.

Xiao Jie, vice president of Kingsoft

network technology, Xiao Jie, who will not respond to this, Jinshan official did not stand on the matter. However, Jinshan network will acquire the drive home news is still spread like wildfire. An industry source of Tencent technology, said the acquisition of the Jinshan network is mainly looking at the driver’s home driver.

data show that the driver wizard is a set of drive management and hardware detection in one of the professional management, driving and maintenance tools, can provide drive backup and recovery, installation, delete, update and other useful features for users online. In addition to the driver backup and restore function, also provides the Outlook address book, mail and IE favorites backup and recovery.

often have to reinstall the computer to find the driver’s experience, the old version of the driver in advance if not backed up, looking up is very time-consuming; using the driver backup wizard driven, can save many time drive program installation.

It is reported that

, Master Lu and the driver wizard was acquired by means of Qihoo 360 and Jinshan in the field of security competition has entered the new segments, at the same time, it also makes a similar software to drive the value of life suddenly enhance even to the needs of other enterprises to price and sell.