The Wenchuan earthquake video network in action recording the glory of disaster

5.12 Wenchuan earthquake broke out, the 51 movie network to stop all entertainment video updates, let us work together for the victims compatriots, as an own strength for the earthquake relief work.

we do not have a lot of money and materials can be donated, but as a network of media, is still in the early stages of the development of the 51 film network will do its best to call on users to focus on disaster relief. Hope that the country’s personal website owners can use their website to do something for the disaster area. The personal website China can pop up Taobao isn’t able to pick up 3721 for the earthquake relief work to contribute to


hope that we update the earthquake relief video to allow more people to see and do something to help the disaster areas.

Jiang Min, an ordinary people’s police officer, who lost three loved ones still fighting in the front line, and finally fainted in her post, she is the most beautiful woman in China: Id=4372& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

sensible and brave little girl, so he kept his injury to save her father don’t cry: Id=4371& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

touching MV "Sichuan, don’t you cry" let’s fight together: Id=4367& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

people in the disaster areas with you, "life and death": Id=4366& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

Wang Han hosted the party moved to tears, Id=4363& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

candlelight mourn the victims of the earthquake, university students spontaneously organized condolences: Id=4362& m=1& n=1& u=1& v=1

Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake 82 hours Documentary: