Phpcms2008 Beta2 beta free open source release

Phpcms 2008 Beta2 download address:

Pc_webserver 2008 Server package download address:

Phpcms 2008 demo address:

this is only available in simplified Chinese version of GBK, we recommend that you install the test, but it is not recommended to use the beta version of the official website!

Phpcms 2008 run demand environment

operating system: Windows/*unix

Web server: Apache/IIS

PHP:4.3.0 and above

Mysql:4.0 and above

Phpcms2008 product introduction

Phpcms is a PHP+Mysql based website content management system, but also an open PHP development platform. Phpcms modular development, powerful and flexible and easy to expand, and completely open source code, for large and medium-sized sites to provide heavyweight website building solutions. In 3 years, with the Phpcms team accumulated rich experience in Web development and database and innovation in the pursuit of the perfect design concept, making the Phpcms has nearly 100 thousand sites recognized, and more and more applied to large and medium-sized commercial websites.

main features:

1, powerful, built-in nearly 20 functional modules

Phpcms2008 by the content model, membership model, ask, topic, station search, personal space, advertising, order, finance, poll, Short Message, Digg, email subscription, mood index, comments, Links, bulletin and message board nearly more than and 20 functional modules.

2, modular, open source, scalable

Phpcms modular development, providing a unified module development interface and the underlying platform support, and completely open source, easy to develop two times.

Phpcms 2008 object oriented development, the code is easier to read and maintain, the quality of the code greatly improved.

3, strong load capacity, support tens of millions of data

Phpcms team based on 3 years of development experience and continuous summary, from the cache technology, database design, code