The story of Foshan youth network while working side

a year ago, he graduated from college, he had no social experience, no economic conditions, he went to a sound company to do web design. While he was in college, the students were watching the movie, he was learning web design; students are playing the game, he was learning website programming. This young man is me.

website, the dream in the network business, for several years, I take a lot of detours, I began to engage in, the website is always large, think only do the comprehensive site to have a future, it seems there is strength, in order to increase more users IP. Later, I gradually found that the original one person, time, manpower, material resources and energy is limited. Vigorously engage all is a very real thing. Comprehensive website to IP is high, but no quality at all. Internet search is all about, to find the information needed to leave immediately, do not have to take off the front page, simply can not keep loyal users, no repeat customers. To engage in such a comprehensive site to engage in more than two years, the effort is hard to imagine and others, these two years, I like an owl, wandering in the network in the darkness, no one can understand, no support, I feel like the sea in a boat, in the sky a wild goose. My father does not support me, say that the website is worthless, my girlfriend does not support me, said the site has no future, is a waste of time and money. Finally, because of the site, the number of days and nights with the network together, his girlfriend left me, my body is thinner day by day. Don’t get people’s understanding and support, in order to pursue a dream, love is lost, those days lovelorn, I still was recovered, torn with grief, heart, after a period of labor pains, I found, I stumbled, some youth, I have a dream, everything I can to win back what I lost, because my dream is to continue with the network.

to work in Foshan for half a year, the environment in Foshan began to slowly familiar with, coupled with the Guangdong provincial government on the development of electronic commerce in Guangdong’s strong support, my mind suddenly think: why don’t I make some of Foshan area professional website? Why don’t I understand network technology for electronic commerce in Foshan their contribution to the development of a small power? So, I was in the two Foshan related websites. One is the rental network ( and the other is the Foshan site (

in Foshan rental network at the beginning, my idea is that now houses are young, they are largely migrant young people do not have enough money to buy a house, just started to work, if the company does not accommodation, they can only rely on rent to live. But many people came to Foshan or to the new work place, near to the workplace unfamiliar environment, not easy to find a better rental housing. If they go to the rental agency to find a house, not only need to pay the introduction fee, but also more expensive than direct contact with the landlord to rent. If you engage in a rental network, not only can greatly