qiyi chief content officer Ma Dong pirated video sites can not survive

Internet video industry is becoming a force that can not be ignored, swept the film industry.

"in today’s market environment, it is impossible to have any pirated video companies can continue to survive." Yesterday (September 16th) morning international copyright Forum on Iqiyi’s chief content officer Ma Dong made a keynote speech.

for copyright protection to promote the role of the Internet video industry, Ma Dong deep feelings. In his view, the film copyright protection has also given the network video company original film and television works. "Film and television copyright protection mechanism of the increasingly perfect, so that the film market has become more fair and effective."

in July this year, Iqiyi established film company, plans a year with domestic and foreign film companies combined exports more than 8 big screen movies. This year is the first step in the Chinese video site to the screen, thanks to the film industry’s confidence in the copyright market environment." Ma Dong told the "daily economic news" reporter the interview said, "the homemade video works will become the core competitiveness of the network video company, Iqiyi will increase investment in self content."

copyright protection achievements business model

, a number of online video companies, have experienced a period of barbaric growth." Ma Dong said at the forum site, most of the pioneers of the network video industry are due to piracy and killed".

10 years ago, when a large number of online video piracy, the streets can be seen everywhere pirated cds." Ma Dong said, when people think that the emergence of network video can provide users and creators with a variety of services possible.

and other industries, the development of the industry as a precursor to technological progress, institutional norms followed. 2005, the video industry began to encounter copyright rules.

since then, the Internet video industry by leaps and bounds. Ma Dong believes that, in addition to benefiting from the rapid progress of digital technology, but also with the protection of copyright content and improve the market environment are inseparable. "10 years ago, by the introduction, homemade video works, offer free viewing audience, and advertising fees charged business model, video industry is difficult to match the desire. Today, this has become a reality."

in fact, this business model has become the industry rules. Ma Dong said that last year, Iqiyi more than 1 billion 500 million yuan in investment to purchase the genuine copyright, this unimaginable 10 years ago. "Iqiyi has 9 terminals, there are more than 100 million users to access Iqiyi every day, the market value of billions every year through advertising."

copyright protection so that the video industry has become more equitable and effective. Ma Dong believes that today there will be no pirated video sites can survive, the market incentives and punishment mechanisms are quite bright. In 2013, Iqiyi merged with the PPS, take the initiative to take down a large number of copyright is not clear, pay a huge market price. "But if it does not bear the cost, in today’s market environment, there will be no room for survival." Ma Dong said >