Headline or steal Today’s headlines or copyright collective rights

overnight, because of copyright disputes, information class client today’s headlines has become the industry’s headlines".

said that it transcoding media content is established based on the business model, making money; others say that the 2 years since the establishment of the company, they do not create content, only news Porter, but through the personalized recommendation to get $500 million valuation of doubt.

and behind the controversial "copyright" controversy, has begun to "court".

days ago, the "Guangzhou daily" enjoys the right to network dissemination of Guangzhou interactive information network Co. Ltd., has been due to the infringement of the copyright to have "today’s headlines" Beijing bytes beating technology limited lawsuit. Beijing Haidian District people’s court in the case of a public trial, not in court judgments. There are sources, follow-up or there will be more media continue to prosecute.

China copyright association director general Zhang Hongbo said in an earlier interview: "there have been many members of the association complained that the traditional media headlines today without authorization, directly reproduced. Copyright Association plans to cooperate with the traditional media industry associations, collective rights."

headlines or steal article?

"we were surprised to find that today’s headlines on the traditional media headlines." Today’s headlines said in a statement.

it said that he, like any search engine, only to work with the network media, to comply with the search engine robots agreement, there is no infringement. At the same time, we will respect all media websites, and we can do the disconnection of any objections. "Over the past year or so, we’ve worked with thousands of media sites, portals, vertical sites, new online communities, and media."

today’s headlines, said he and the PC side of the navigation site, search engine is similar, do not modify the content of the web page, do not show their advertising. To complete the web page to the user, including the web site, advertising, brand, download links, WeChat public account, etc.. In the case of the stability of the partner server, the user is completely redirected to the collaboration site, many of the cooperation site access to millions of users per day.

but now, this response did not completely dispel the doubts of the headlines today.

today’s headlines where the problem?

is a widely believed that after today’s headlines through the collation of information, classification and data algorithm, get "two processing" of the news, which also led to the controversial deep link, the link object home is not a party, and to achieve the ultimate goal of two or three following this path. In Europe and other countries and regions in the judicial practice, this has been defined as tort.

two is that, prior to the portal and traditional media cooperation model is usually >