The financial crisis affecting the Home Furnishing website online supermarket facing reshuffle

in 2 – 3 years, with the rapid expansion of Home Furnishing industry market size, growth and China Internet explosive, the rapid emergence of thousands of large and small Home Furnishing website, which with the help of a website and the venture e-commerce model as the core, including Home Furnishing, Tyrone Jiabao, Ju Yi Station Network and worry, I love my family was very eye-catching.

however, the second half of 2008 as the financial crisis sweeping the world, China Home Furnishing deep adjustment of the severe market situation, many rely solely on the upstream of venture capital money early, downstream on the prosperity of the market Home Furnishing e-commerce site began to face the existence dilemma, which has a light wind Home Furnishing easy storm was owed by the huge suppliers and consumers faced the dilemma of payment.

in this regard, the industry believes that the China Home Furnishing industry reshuffle has begun to spread from the entity to the Internet, and all the cards Home Furnishing websites, including the Home Furnishing e-commerce website will also be "left for the king".

online supermarket declared bankruptcy

was once a scene, was hailed as the "online supermarket," the home is easy to stand off the situation. With the Home Furnishing building materials and electronic commerce combined Home Furnishing Yi Station has been listed in the "2006 annual China market the most investment value of enterprises" list of top ten. However, two years later, in the wake of the financial crisis, the home is easy to stand facing the plight of survival.

days ago, according to a media report, since the second half of this year, with the global financial crisis, coupled with the Home Furnishing Duandun venture, building materials market downturn, led directly to Home Furnishing Yi Station business difficulties, dozens of households 1 million yuan owed directly to consumers, suppliers owed millions of dollars.

with the rapid development of China’s real estate home, and the rapid growth of network consumer groups, home type website presents a great market space for development. 2006 – at the beginning of 2008, Home Furnishing thousands of websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere. At the same time, with the status of network marketing in the home industry has become increasingly prominent, this new economy + traditional industries, a combination of home e-commerce model favored by many vcs. Home easy station, Jiabao network, worry free network, I love my family is the product of this context.

it is understood that the e-commerce industry in Home Furnishing settled only in recent years. Therefore, most of the Home Furnishing e-commerce websites operating in the test stage. Due to lack of experience and the pattern is not mature, coupled with the impact of financial crisis on the Home Furnishing building materials industry, some "poor health" website in 08 years in the second half began shutting down.

for Home Furnishing Yi Station this "online supermarket" e-commerce model of bankruptcy, the industry believes that with the rapid expansion of market size China Home Furnishing industry, the core products for online shopping sites have larger development opportunities, but now a mature business model is still very rare, most Home Furnishing e-commerce websites exist the positioning is not clear, the competitiveness is not strong innate "