Online travel is not yet perfect user choice still need to be cautious

online travel is to rely on the Internet to meet the needs of tourism consumer information inquiries, travel booking and other needs of the tourism product form, and now, in the online booking travel products has become a trend.

in recent years, the influx of online travel, online travel companies to achieve the segmentation and integration of the market, Chinese online travel market has been from the period of exploration and transition to the market in the past to start a period of rapid development of the market, industry competition has reached a white hot stage.

first look at tourism development

in August 2015, the State Council issued a number of opinions on further promoting tourism investment and consumption, for the first time put forward the implementation of tourism investment promotion plan to promote the rapid growth of tourism investment. National Tourism Administration predicted that the next three years, China’s tourism direct investment will be more than $3 trillion, and will drive more than 15 trillion yuan of investment.

last year, China’s tourism breakthrough 4 billion passengers, tourism revenue over 4 trillion yuan, China’s tourism industry to maintain rapid development momentum, the era of mass tourism is coming.

but from the beginning of this year, the number of domestic shipping companies first blocked where to go, and then banned the scope of the expansion of the entire OTA industry. In addition to a variety of non-standard behavior because of ticket agents, OTA is too strong a direct threat to the interests of aviation enterprises.

common problems

A. propaganda and the reality does not match

started in December 30, 2015, as of January 15, 2016, through the consumer network and Beijing consumer WeChat channels, received a total of 4956 valid questionnaires. In 4956 respondents, 31.64% of people said that the online publicity inconsistent with the actual most satisfied, 22.46% of people said that most are not satisfied with the order is free to change or cancel, 18.36% of people said that the most dissatisfied with the ticket back to Fei Taigao, 13.42% of people said that in terms of overlord most dissatisfied, 11.02% most people said is not satisfied with the compulsory bundling of other products, and another 3.11% of people said that the most dissatisfied with other problems.

two. The cost of change is high

online travel website low prices to attract consumers, but consumer disputes but prevarication refused to bear the related liability, by modify the ticket back to set the rules, "overlord clause" and other means to stop the consumer refund, some special offer tickets even need to deduct one hundred percent of the vote to back the fee.

three. "Special" low quality

a lot of online travel sites launched spike, special events and other activities. But there is a situation: to participate in overseas tour visa, travel expense must not include breakfast and some attractions tickets, five star hotel accommodation to other service charges, the ticket is not a package, can not enter the center view……