University four years of building the road

      I was from the second half of began to contact the network, then just to the University, from the high school for the first time to have so much time to contact the computer, not a few days to be fascinated by this site. The beginning is the Shengbo self-help Station in Internet cafes, spend a whole day out of a memorial high school life station, that can really feel the expert is the best in all the land. Total station JS script, fancy not work.

      to 2 when the program began to learn, learn ASP, began to do with DREAMWEAVER station, but still does not work, only in accordance with their own ideas, to the big 2 is not what progress.

      big 3 later, began to get to know some online friends, pick up a few single, although did not earn any money, but still gave me a lot of experience. After the start of a single station to find that there are a lot of things that they will not, no way to learn it. In this, I would like to thank Baidu, without it, I really do not learn anything Learn CSS, learn PS, learn FLASH, see what won’t, search tutorial. Although these things are still not proficient, but I know how to solve these problems, the basic knowledge or have.

      after 4 more crazy, although the 4 semester examination preparation, but every day can not help but want to look at the website (on some forum, see the tutorial ah, but fortunately, later also admitted to a). This year really learned a lot of things, web security, web site operators, website promotion, of course, also make money online, ^_^. Of course, get to know more friends.

      2007 in the first half of this year has not been what yourself a website, a month can earn a little money, a few days ago, and when the teacher to eat, a teacher (we are the environmental professional) said, "in a few years, the traditional commodity must be linked and the Internet e-commerce", he is ready to register a company engaged in cosmetics. Although it was half drunk state, but this sentence but I remember very clearly. These days I’ve been thinking in station so good, a year can earn money, but those industry site than, or too much difference. 3 of the time to a person engaged in a bearing industry station, although the bearing industry has been a lot of stations, but he can also be more profitable Although there are so many people to the industry at bay, but Chinese is too big, the money is really too much, there must be a cup of soup.

      these days I have been to find the work of the students said that they want to do my site (not built up, ha ha) area responsible person, to find businesses, looking for businesses. I personally feel that the students are a very