Traditional Chinese culture is not only the mission of the nternet is also an opportunity

in recent years, with the modernization of the whole era, western culture has penetrated into every field of china. One of the most obvious phenomenon: now the students began to Crazy English, but for Chinese traditional culture such as Kong Meng Laozi school has become a collection of books in the library, has few students begin to learn the traditional culture of China. Of course, Liu Kuang himself is not opposed to learning English, but since ancient times the traditional cultural heritage of great Chinese 5000 but gradually began to appear in the fault.

for the advanced western science and technology, the Chinese people need to learn. But if from a cultural point of view, to the United States as the representative of western culture only for hundreds of years, and China traditional culture has inherited the ancestors of the five thousand years, since the traditional cultural heritage of five thousand years, then it must have his truth, even the half of "the Analects" rule the world ". Today, however, China’s traditional culture has begun to appear in the fault, the root causes, mainly due to the following reasons.

1, the rapid development of information technology, more and more modern people began to indulge in the network. On the Internet, filled with a variety of games, entertainment and other related information, poor self-control children tend to be tempted by these games and entertainment, and even inextricably bogged down in. And pay attention to the Chinese traditional culture is one with the impetuous meditation, Internet era is in stark contrast to the whole society is impetuous very important reason caused by traditional culture Chinese fault.

2, which is closely related to China’s education system. Chinese education today China, largely abandoned the past traditional culture, only occasionally interspersed with poetry in the textbooks. Take the 80, 90, has very few people can recite the "Analects of Confucius", "Lao Tzu" such as traditional classics, in order to cope with the 46 grade English exam, they at the University during the period of a considerable part of the time spent on learning English words.

3, from the perspective of the whole family education environment, the parents have been following the trend of the children reported a variety of classes. In their view, other children are in school stage, learning the piano, English, math, but my kids did not learn, they will feel that their children left behind, and blindly follow the trend. In their view, China traditional culture is not essential things for children, because the school did not test.

4, a large number of invasion of the West and Japan and South Korea, as well as the rapid spread of a variety of popular elements, which seriously squeezed the survival of the domestic traditional culture. Valentine’s day, Christmas and other western festivals, the new year’s day seems to be more than the traditional the Qixi Festival more flavor, piano, guitar and other musical instruments than guzheng, Pipa musical instrument is more popular, so long, traditional culture can not fault


heritage of Chinese traditional culture, into the Internet business mission

in the past, the study of traditional culture can only rely on Teaching under the line