Panda virus maker will be released from prison to go to a large network of employment

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              from December 2006 to January 2007, it was a day of China users suffered catastrophe. "Hackers" born Li Jun developed virus, met at the "virus commercial operation" of the "business" of Wang Lei and Zhang Shun, both in the "profiteering" under the temptation of the combination, and ultimately lead to a "Panda" across the network disaster. Just two months time, the virus has infected intrusion of personal computer, web portal, rout data system, tens of millions of times by computer virus attack and destruction, bring enormous loss to many individual users, Internet and enterprise network users, is "2006 outbreak and Internet Chinese mainland computer virus security report" named "poisonous king".


from the incident to now, two and a half years later, rampant panda burning incense virus has been eliminated. In the case of 3 people have been released from prison, only the "poisonous king" Li Jun is still in prison reform. Recently, the reporter was removed after contact with Li Jun, Lei Lei Zhang Shun, has 3 people for the first time, face to face, they told the little-known details of the crime, restore the true "birth and death process of the panda, this is the first time they face the media.

for the panda case for Li Jun et al, is known as the first batch of judicial Chinese because people jailed for computer virus. But, as Li Jun said, they were not the first to make the virus, or the last one to make it. The spread of computer viruses, torture the development of China’s Internet security for more than 10 years, showing that the country’s relevant laws are not perfect, in the management of Internet security, there is still a long way to go.

this year, Li Jun commuted for the upcoming release, he said, to forsake heresy and return to the truth after his release, he entrusted the advance to help him contact a network’s work, he will be involved in the maintenance of network security battle.

June 29th, after a storm, a prison in Hubei. Lei Lei carrying a bag of snacks, again opened the prison doors. Reporter accompanied him to visit Li Jun is serving a sentence.

"how are you? Okay?" Lei Lei met with the prison room, greets Li Jun, laughing face, appear very well. From the neighbors to the students, they are familiar with each other, and finally because of the panda burning incense virus cases, the two became brothers.

Li Jun said he made the virus at the beginning, just to show off technology. The evolution of the crime of a simple mentality, derived from the knowledge of the virus business operations, Wang Lei and Zhang shun. In the temptation of profiteering, their combination, and ultimately lead to a Chinese network disaster.

original intention to show off programming techniques to try to create super virus

September 2005, "hacker" Li Jun was born, because there is no formal degree in computer science, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen has repeatedly rebuffed.