Why buy a network from the thousand regiment war into a hundred reflections


last year to buy the industry’s rapid development amazing, and now buy the industry is also worried about the rapid reduction. How to buy the future of the network, and now no one knows. However, although there are more than 2/3 of the group purchase website "tracks", although investors, businesses and consumers are concerned about this, although the net from the previous group purchase "thousand group war" into the now "regiment reflection", it does not affect the domestic network group purchase "vanguard" to continue to operate with confidence.

in the group buying industry, the first to buy winter theory, the U.S. mission network, for their current operations are still full of confidence. U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing said: buy not only allow businesses to profit, consumers also experience the fun of cheap shopping, which is a win-win business form, but also the most fundamental factor in survival. We should firmly believe that as long as there is a market, there will be a future. U.S. mission network sales so far this month is steadily increasing the amount of 20%, which is one of the best cases.

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statistics show that from July 2011 to September, the domestic group buying network launched a total of more than 200 thousand activities, sales exceeded $3 billion 500 million. These two data compared with the two quarter, an increase of 65% and 40%, respectively. Before this, many malignant operation mode, "burn marketing", net profit of operation management and the prospect of the group purchase website, later also has greatly improved. Even including the kiss network including a number of cosmetics group purchase network is also frequently heard earnings news. October 29, 2011, the handle network is more than 110 million of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission financing. This makes the prospect of more clear buy network.

Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network

, said: This is the whole group for the domestic network, is undoubtedly a good news. If the group can successfully listed on the market, and won the recognition of the capital market, so whether it is for businesses or consumers, this has a positive positive impact."

in such confidence, although the group purchase network has "to" a half, but more to join leader in shopping centers, banks and other traditional industries still to group purchase industry added a lot of confidence, we can not ignore their power. Because of their accession, the size of the traditional large group buying site is also steadily increasing, the strength is quietly enhanced.

Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu had said during the heyday of buying, within a year, more than 90% of the domestic buy site will collapse. The status of current network group purchase is verified by the rhetoric of Li Kaifu, although the collapse of the group purchase network did not reach 90%, but the data still continues to increase.

is it will face the group purchase "doomsday"? An analysis of the risk investors, although the group purchase industry environment is not good, but the group purchase is a new industry of Internet, the extreme development in the Internet era, group purchase still has a great temptation. Through this dilemma, buy tomorrow

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