Post push enterprise platform the new profit point of the house culture community

[Abstract] Baidu called on the brand companies to stick to play fans marketing, it looks more like a try to catch up with fashion, in order to find a new profit point. Failure is to return to the original place, if successful, it can really make a big.


Baidu last week, a strategic Conference on the post bar. First, do not talk about the content of the conference, I heard the post bar when the first word of a two word, Li Mingyuan.

conference before speculation


Li Mingyuan as "young", holds many sparkling titles, which are three of the most interesting Post Bar: Baidu’s first product manager, vice president of Baidu’s youngest members, Baidu E-staff.

in 2004, when Li Mingyuan did not graduate in the practice as a product manager to join Baidu, followed by do Baidu post bar, Baidu post bar is third employees. With the rapid rise of Baidu post bar, after graduation, Li Mingyuan served as general manager of post bar. Baidu post bar is the starting point of Li Mingyuan’s legendary career, but also one of its most successful products so far. For Baidu post bar, Li Mingyuan should be said to have deep feelings and understanding.

July 2013, 29 year old Li Mingyuan promoted to vice president of Baidu, the youngest in history.

June 2014, Li Mingyuan promoted Baidu E-staff members, Baidu officially entered the highest decision-making level. Baidu has seen him as Robin Li’s successor.

Baidu on the time to hold the post of the strategic press conference, from the time of the last promotion of Li Mingyuan, less than January, it is difficult to make people do not have associations.

so, before I participate in this conference, it made some bold speculation: Baidu is intended to improve the strategic position of post bar, and behind the leadership of the decision may be Li Mingyuan.

Post Bar enterprise platform strategy

conference, vice president of Baidu, Wang Zhanxian, general manager of the consumer business group of the word. One up, Wang always talked about a big fan marketing, the main purpose is to brand marketing fans more and more important, and will continue to be important.

and then the king announced that it officially launched the enterprise platform strategy. Baidu will be open to paste the enterprise platform to enterprises, institutions, media and other brand partners to help them build the official post bar, and guide them to stick with the user on the depth of interaction, to carry out the marketing of fans, etc..

Wang Zhan mentioned Post Bar push fans economy is "go", he said, "in the Internet era, with the promotion of enterprise brand marketing for the fans with the effect. Many enterprises are in urgent need of an effective Internet marketing platform to carry out the fan, and the users have to express their views to provide products and services of the enterprise and even participate in the product design process will, in this case, the "Start > Post Bar

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