Chinese style innovation 12 foreign websites that have been widely imitated in the past year

some time ago, a copy of the factory satire Chinese Internet innovation, do not do too much comment here. I personally think that the Internet has a maximum innovation characteristics, it is generally not subversive, but a gradual. Not to put the original things down, but to create new things on the basis of the original, rich and diverse Internet services.

Internet has always been a "myth" of the industry. "Jiangshan generation of talented people, the talent for two or three years". The other side of the ocean, when Facebook Twitter, the American colleagues in a wave of staged a small shrimp rise as sharks, when the giant intergenerational change play, the field of Internet Chinese, but maintained unchanged for years in the market layout.

over the past decade the rapid growth of China’s Internet industry, quietly evolving. With the early start of a piece of paper the "pioneer era" is different. Today, the Internet has been Chinese giants to carve up the world, showing a "winner" situation. Instant messaging, search, e-commerce, news, games, SNS, buy…… Although the starting point of the business is different, however, with the development of the company, the business coincidence degree is more and more high, the Internet giants are toward the whole business development pattern. China’s electronic manufacturing industry popular cottage in the Internet field seems to be equally clear. On the one hand, the Internet has always been Chinese behind us Internet counterparts before, search from the portal, from the social networking site to micro-blog, from the group purchase to LBS (location based services), the United States to do what we can to follow what. On the other hand, the domestic counterparts, a popular product, one of the most popular application, will quickly appear similar to many websites herd, launched the homogenization of competition. Group purchase website is an obvious example, since the model is introduced to the beginning of Chinese, China has emerged thousands of new group purchase website, which enter the field of Internet entrepreneurs, there are Taobao, Tencent, Baidu and other heavyweights.

in China, large Internet companies for products, services, continuous improvement and upgrading, many of which are integrated, imitate or copy the original creative side of the product or service. This makes it possible for large companies to obtain high returns at very low marginal costs. In the hard pioneer period of small businesses, not by virtue of their own innovative products have earned income, development is limited. Imitation brings homogeneity competition. In this case, with funds, users and other advantages of the giants have a natural advantage. For SMEs, the most worried about is the emergence of such a situation. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang had said in his micro-blog plagiarism and monopoly has become the biggest problem in the development of China’s Internet industry".

small businesses are more afraid of imitation in the industry monopoly. As a monopoly power of the enterprise, if it imitates who, others can not do. The monopoly generated by market competition, in itself, is not necessarily bad, the key is to oppose the abuse of monopoly

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