Toss the electricity supplier for nearly 10 years now really do not make money

8 mid month, a discussion on the electricity supplier to make money is not the same, the popular B2C/C2B/C2C concept to a big subversion, do not do the brand, and even who is the electricity supplier, what is the brand, each said the words. Have money, confidence a little fear, haven’t earned, hovering between negation and self denial. Where is the consumer, what does the consumer want? The question is to go with Taobao or not with Taobao (and Tmall). This topic,

is really tired!

: no money over the electricity supplier

electricity supplier in the world is not for us to play the usual "unified business thinking", people made of service.

voice shouting electric does not make money is the biggest music Amoy network CEO bisheng. He said that the music Amoy network as a vertical electricity supplier, in the past 3 years, has been playing a role in the brand to move the box, and moved to the final discovery of the financial account is calculated. Do not do the electricity supplier market investment can not let people know you, although the music Amoy network to get the Internet advertising has always been lower than others, but in this regard, the investment cost is still high." Coupled with the electricity supplier is mostly dependent on the line under the supply chain, warehousing, logistics and other rigid costs make music Amoy network overwhelmed.

to date, I have not seen any electricity supplier’s profit statement." Tmall president, the first thing to come up with more people feel discouraged.

it is frustrating for nearly 10 years of electricity providers, and now really do not make money?

post logistics general manager Wang dilute Da immediately said "don’t agree". He’s pretty straightforward: any business has to make money, not a profitable business. Just earn more electricity supplier is a problem, some earn is the floor price, and some earn is the ceiling price".

Tmall CEO also pulled back the words, said, did not see the profit statement, does not mean that electricity providers do not make money." He said, will only calculate big account, calculated according to his account, should make money business. Because the electricity supplier can reflect the economic cluster effect, that is to reduce costs. "The general electricity supplier who is not sellers who is the electricity supplier, electricity providers should include the entire ecological system, every link in the value chain is an electricity supplier practitioners. In this system, each division of labor and cooperation, and ultimately gather together to provide value for consumers. If each practitioner is doing his best role in this thing, the whole electricity supplier ecosystem can produce the highest economic benefits. So, as long as the electricity supplier practitioners can reasonably control the cost of the entire electricity supplier will be able to make money."

look at the electricity supplier to make money do not make money, you can not just stare at the point of purchase and sale price difference. Billion state power network founder Zheng Min said, electricity supplier in the world is not for us to play the usual "unified business thinking", when several large vertical electric service is actually making.

"unified business thinking" is "business thinking", but now is the diversification of commercial society, to multiple >

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