People want to buy 240 million novel website Chengdu Qiang ancient science and technology Limited by Share Ltd (, 603000) program in a main fantasy novel Internet Co.

people’s announcement last night, intends to use the raised funds 249 million yuan acquisition of Chengdu ancient Qiang Technology Co., Ltd. (ancient Qiang science and Technology), the equity of 69.25%. The scope of operation of the ancient Qiang science and technology, including basic software services, application software services, sales, computer software, second types of value-added telecommunications services, information services, etc.. The main products for the city, such as fantasy, martial arts, romance and other types of fiction, there’s the Internet reading, reading for the core business of wireless digital reading reading network company.

to June 30, 2013, the net assets of ancient Qiang technology was 40 million 653 thousand and 600 yuan in the first half of this year, its total operating income of $46 million 791 thousand and 700, net profit of $14 million 403 thousand and 600. It is reported that the value of the net assets of the ancient Qiang science and technology after the assessment of 361 million yuan, to assess the value of $312 million, the appreciation rate of 632.82%.

announcement shows that the proposed transfer of ancient Qiang science and technology stocks is the largest Tianjin Sequoia poly equity investment partnership (Sequoia investment), intends to transfer 28.5% stake in the ancient Qiang technology transaction price of $119 million. The acquisition of the remaining shares from the ancient Qiang Qiang, chairman of science and technology Gao Hui Wang Yatao and Li Zhaoyang Ruan Qian, vice president of science and technology, intends to transfer the shares were 23.25%, 5%, 2.5%, 10%, the transaction price was 77 million 83 thousand and 900 yuan, 16 million 577 thousand and 200 yuan, 8 million 288 thousand and 600 yuan, 27 million 628 thousand and 600 yuan.

addition, Qiang technology 3 natural person shareholders, Wang Yatao, Li Zhaoyang, Gao Hui has performance compensation obligations, commitments net profit of the ancient Qiang technology 2013 year 2014 year 2015 year to achieve (excluding non recurring gains and losses) were not less than 33 million yuan, 44 million yuan, 53 million yuan. If the successful implementation of performance commitments, the above three people will get the full transfer price of the three times.

according to people’s Daily reported on 2013, during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 413 million yuan, an increase of 41.47%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about $100 million, an increase of 54.8%.

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