The new trend of the development of cultural industry women and news websites popular in the capital

culture industry as an important part of the construction of spiritual civilization in China, has been the government’s attention, and the Internet, after several years of development, its influence has become an important source of domestic people, so countries in the cultural industry, especially the influence of traditional cultural products for the Internet penetration and policy, also began to affect the development of the Internet platform the future trend. Recently, nine ministries jointly issued by the "guidance" on the financial support of cultural industry promotion and development and prosperity, which means that, as the cultural industry investment has become increasingly diversified, with the coexistence of countries to support private investment boom is formed.

, Deputy Minister of propaganda Sun Zhijun 10 China mainland news website landing A shares issue, said publicly that the A share listing plan has been approved by the Ministry of. It is reported that, in addition to, listed in the approval process is the central propaganda department. In addition, including the CCTV network, including 2 sites are stepping up the development of programs, as well as the process of the approval of the 6 sites are queuing. Not surprisingly, the Xinhua website will become the first pioneer in the landing of A shares in the national team. In the 10 "people" list, and CNTV (Chinese network television),,, eastday, Enorth, Dazhong, Zhejiang, and Sichuan Huasheng online online online, is not hard to see, from the beginning of this year, the list of Guozihao website and the future more Guozihao the website listed.

and almost at the same time, Ruili stripped of its new media business, with China Unicom jointly set up a joint venture company, which will have a 51% stake in ruili. The new company has initial financing and listing plans. Fashion women’s website seems to be opening season. In fact, before the early action in the domestic sector, Xiong Xiaoge under the control of IDG, its overall investment has begun the "fashion" magazine, YOKA network and other multiple cultural platform, had also heard the Tencent purchase YOKA fashion network news. But also frequent overseas news, YAHOO intends to $100 million acquisition of women in the social networking site CafeMom. CafeMom is a social networking site targeting moms.

American women’s blog site BlogHer recently announced a $7 million round of venture capital investment. Since its inception in February 2005, the site has raised a total of $15 million 500 thousand of funds, the site caters to women, investors and advertisers favored.

investigation statistics showed that in CNNIC twenty-second Internet users, women accounted for the entire number of Internet users in 46.4%, and statistics in the same period of Ai Rui: the first quarter of 2010 Chinese network advertising volume grew by 85%, in the women’s website put beyond the portal in the first place, while iAdTracker’s latest data show that the first quarter of 2009 Chinese fashion the website advertising revenue for 23 million 69 thousand yuan, the second quarter of 35 million 540 thousand yuan, the third quarter of 61 million 170 thousand yuan, the fourth quarter of 62 million 350 thousand yuan, 58 million 60 thousand yuan in the first quarter of 2010, the second quarter 7096.4>

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