Grassroots website do cottage network Spring Festival CCTV challenge sought


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Spring Festival is approaching, "Spring Festival" will inevitably become the media the theme of the storm. From a famous comedy actor on the show, "resolutely boycott" to the "king of comedy" Zhao Benshan script Pibi, on the 2009 Spring Festival evening hot since the beginning of October 2008 had not broken, not to mention the "midway copycat Gala" naochang. In a word, and it is linked to the various topics show all the various kinds of network media layout.

network show fame


unexpected is, as a member of the alliance military grassroots website, China piano industry first portal starry piano nets but has also become a topic in the Spring Festival Gala "perpetrators" of the gala’s executive director by the starry piano nets general manager Mr. Ceng Jigui personally served; starry piano nets network in 2009 the Spring Festival Gala is composed of dozens of people, the rate of team sponsored by the Internet media coverage, the "visibility" in no way inferior to Beijing laomeng "copycat show, a gun and red on the network.


starry piano nets 2009 network Spring Festival party called a "civilians play a leading role, the characteristics of the party" the network version of the Spring Festival party will be held on January 17th in CCTV Spring Festival Gala in advance on the first broadcast network. The whole party, the netizen is the absolute protagonist, all content will be through the collection of the starry piano nets, from their own record show internet video selected. And now the CCTV Spring Festival Gala frequent cry "copycat" Spring Festival Evening Gala, starry night is different from the traditional CCTV "orthodox", and not like the "copycat" Spring Festival evening spoof, amused. The executive director of the gala, the starry piano nets general manager Ceng Jigui said, reflected the civilian deduce "elegance", also humor funny "music" is the final Gala to bring the audience’s feelings.

various media coverage

through the network to show talent, ordinary people a "Spring Festival evening dream" – the network of the Spring Festival Gala played the beginning of the popular slogan won the support of all users. Since November 18, 2008, the network announced its free program for the news since the starry night Gala has received a large number of enthusiastic participants and various programs. After one of the 19 year old Youth Hostel Hotel rent amblyopia touching story on the Spring Festival gala by practicing piano first reported the starry piano nets, it is caused by a wave of reproduced on the network,, NetEase, Sohu, YAHOO and many other well-known sites have reproduced, a "starry night piano Dream" at the age of 19 for blind children "Spring Festival", "19 year old youth piano training on amblyopia rent" Spring Festival Gala "" news vividly on the Internet, the starry night Gala came into sight. In addition, there are many newspapers, television stations have called for an interview. >

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