BBS era is no longer brilliant most users are not students

"ft" is entered Fudan University in 2001, he experienced a "moon brilliance" BBS boom. "BBS10000 logon limit often full, so that the peak time of late cannot login. Network resource version, the second version because the number of people in the version, the number of Posts too much, only split into multiple sub layout, and finally the newly established ZoneA video partition, ZoneB secondary trading area. There is a lot of space there are numerous applicants for vacancies moderator, moderator candidates fierce competition. Many versions of friends keen to send a number of competition."

"at that time, also often have friends organization until now many new friends, can not say their name, but clearly remember their ID (net)." FT introduction, when the cohesion of the BBS from the line extended to the line, it is the largest amount of information in the school, the fastest spread of the news distribution center, and even a lot of college class notice is issued on the BBS.

"ft" also experienced a China explosion of Internet since 2000, and the student apartment construction so that each student can free access to the campus network, BBS as the closest information platform, nature is very popular with the students."

According to

statistics on the user information, the sun Guanghua "the age of users concentrated in 23 years old ~29 years old, and in 1990 ~1992 born between users is the least — and this age, it is the age of undergraduates. This means that, at present, most of the BBS users are not students, and have graduated from the majority of alumni.

around 2006, "the rise time of the BBS impact is not large, but after that, with the new entry, who graduated students are often has a" campus "account, micro-blog account, they are not so keen on the complex and compared to the original BBS.

from the beginning of 2008, 2009, BBS is going down." Netizen "dejavu" analysis, "at that time, the school network, happy net is beginning, a lot of students graduating from high school with the campus network account of their entry into University, their passion for BBS will obviously be diverted. Up to now, we are using micro-blog, BBS will certainly be less and less. Virtual space is a Matthew effect, lively place will become more and more lively, deserted places more and more deserted."

5 years ago, the average rose more than 8000, and is currently hovering around 3000, the intuitive data suggested, "Sun Fudan Guanghua", Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, "" never "BBS site have pull together in times of trouble" in the user number reduction situation.

another data seems to be able to prove that BBS’s downhill can no longer look back. According to the BBS convention, a user name will not be available for a period of time, since it will be

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