10 years of travel and the nternet is weak enough to close the great transformation

10 years, the tourism industry has completed from the Internet with the weakest link to the most closely related to the great transformation.


in the past just past 2013, overwhelmed by the BBC finally announced that the "Lonely Planet" (hereinafter referred to as LP) sold to NC2 Media. Transaction price of $77 million 800 thousand, only 35% of the purchase price.

just 10 years before, Ctrip landed on the U.S. capital market, "LP" into China, positioning for overseas travel poor network started.

at that time, tourism may be a luxury for the chinese. "Tour pal" and "Backpackers" for Chinese is still a new vocabulary. The "LP" advocated by tourism, for the vast majority of Chinese travelers are very far away. For them, whether it is domestic or foreign travel, can only choose to follow the group, after allowing others to determine their travel routes and content.

10 years ago, the tourism industry is still belong to traditional industries, the best that can be said as "wrapped in a coat Internet traditional industries (i.e. mouse + cement).

in 10 years, the Chinese people’s tourism concept has undergone great changes – "LP" advocated by the concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, at the same time, the concept of "tourism" has undergone a qualitative change, and this concept is being coerced in more and more things – whether it is related to tourism information tool, or the basic necessities of life needs, or is the tourism industry business models, have undergone tremendous changes.

so, standing in the tide of mobile Internet on 2013 after watching, "LP" is the sale of this event has become the best footnote to the tourism industry 10 years changes.

has been coerced into the many needs of the tourism industry, has actually been in 10 years, from a traditional industry to become one of the most closely integrated with the Internet industry.

this transformation process, the Internet is an excellent example of the transformation of traditional industries, but also a microcosm of the Internet impact on human society.

personalization and tourism concept change

in 2003, while studying in Germany, while working for YAHOO Shaw Shaw, found that the mainland people know little about the knowledge of overseas travel. At that time, he saw in the square of the mainland people are almost always wear a suit of commercial tours. Such a single student like him, has always been mistaken for westerners or Japanese people in Hong Kong and taiwan.

then, Ctrip in 2003 Nasdaq was greatly encouraged by Shaw, so in February 2004 he founded the poor travel network. He believes that the overseas Chinese tourism information access to the channel is extremely simple, and this is the poor travel network can fill the blank.


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