Adult supplies vertical electric price set off a price war PK Hall

Tencent science and technology news month on June 9th reported

November 11, in the year of 18, in the year of May, more and more Festival is the electricity supplier players to create an online shopping spree. And in June 9th, it was excavated into adult goods shopping festival.

today, the new incoming fun supplies electricity supplier, the price set off for the old adult business hall of online shopping price war.

was founded in 2002, the sales hall, gender health care, sex toys, sexy dress these three types of products, mainly based on the PC terminal, 2013 sales of nearly 100 million yuan. Recently, completed 20 million yuan A round of financing after the Spring House launched the first 69 Adult supplies shopping festival ", and at the bottom and seckill promotional marketing means that there are 69 thousand pieces of 6, 9 gross commodity seckill users only 0.69 yuan will have the opportunity to seckill sexy underwear, sex toys, Okamoto condom etc..

this, has just set up a year and a half of the interest of the community mall – the price of foreign claims, 6.9 the same day, the mall all free condoms to receive, is expected to more than 700 thousand boxes. In addition, the introduction of 69 yuan package, not limited to 6.9 yuan special merchandise and other activities.

, however, the price is a fun shopping guide APP, mainly based on the mobile terminal shopping platform, does not intervene in the production of its own links. In the future, the price will gradually launch its own brand, the establishment of research and design departments.

"Chinese tradition makes people reluctant to talk about sex. In fact, it is necessary to have a good relationship with the partner, sex is essential, and the premise of a good sex is that people can take the initiative to naturally talk about sex." App team, said 69 adult Shopping Festival, not only can be the release of passion, but also to enhance the feelings of an opportunity partner.

all the time, the price war is the electricity supplier industry repeatedly cool marketing tool. But the price war kill ten thousand self loss of eight thousand". In the industry view, overwhelmed by the price of the new Council is available with the price war to win the eye, and ultimately get a breakthrough in the market.

CEO Huang fiscal cost that supplies market is still relatively small, but is on the rise, after three years of total sales of online sex products market is expected to reach 50 billion.

in addition to price war, the future will also chunshuitang and price in the field of intelligent hardware PK. It is reported that in July this year, spring house will launch its own intelligent hardware products. At present, the intelligent product price of app are wildly beating gongs and drums to move forward.

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