Qingdao seven district name was registered domain name price twenty thousand

      "20 thousand, district 20 thousand city,…… Qingdao 7 District names are registered as a network domain name on the Internet to the sale price of 20000 yuan each!" Recently, many people reflect this matter to the newspaper.

      this morning, Mr Li called the public to reflect the reporter, recently in browsing the website, found the name of Qingdao’s 7 districts are all registered as a domain name, open outcry on the Internet, take as long as 20000 yuan, you can buy the Shinan, city north, Sifang District, Licang District, Huangdao District, Chengyang district and Laoshan District of any domain name. "Is this legal?" Mr Lee is puzzled.

      reporter then log provided by Mr. Li to sell the domain name of the site, to see a list of domain names by the seller with the price list, the 7 area of the city area are all in the column, the price of 20000 yuan. In addition, like fushanhou, hi tech park place name has been registered as a domain name on the Internet to sell, the price is relatively low.

      according to the seller on the Internet to leave contact information, contact the seller mr.. Mr. Guo said, the online sale of the domain name is own through China million net registered, now all sold out. He is optimistic about others not these city names registered as domain names, so the first rush down. "If you buy, the domain name, as long as you build the website, others enter the URL bar in Shinan District can be directly logged into your website." Guo explained to reporters. When a reporter questioned the validity of the domain name, Mr. Guo said that if the domain name can not be found after the purchase, it is the customer fraud, he certainly did not dare to do so. In that case, the customer can legally pursue their responsibilities. Guo said that the way to apply for registration is completely legal.

      the reporter interviewed the Shandong youth firm Feng Enjie lawyers. Feng lawyer said that China’s current law on the registration of the name of the city into a network domain name and no clear prohibitions, but from a legal point of view, this behavior is not legitimate. Because the city belongs to the social public resources, can not belong to individuals. The seller as a public resource of the administrative divisions of the name of the domain name registration and sale of the Internet, this behavior is clearly illegal, the relevant departments can be held accountable. (commissioning editor admin01)

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