Adsense marketing essence rational use rational treatment


wine is also afraid of deep alley, marketing has become a stage sites we must experience, all success stories we have heard and in daily life, but also greatly stimulated the determination of our marketing. But marketing is really as simple as we imagine it?

is not polite to say that many friends are now only know the "marketing" of the surface meaning, while ignoring its inherent essence. In the author’s interpretation, marketing is the enterprise culture into the propaganda way, rather than simply let them know their own projects or products, in the actual work experience, we can feel some webmaster friends for marketing are deep prejudices.

one-sided pursuit of the face of the project, the lack of content

companies or individuals need a website, as the other side of the portal, which is understandable. And as one of the starting point of network marketing, should become a weapon in the marketing process. But if you go into, you will find many websites simply do not have the function of marketing, the functions of the website has a "face job", more Huaquanxiutui, surface form, unable to connect users and businesses, to make effective communication. Even more ridiculous is that I have seen a sales site even online customer service are not, you say that this kind of marketing to do?

for the promotion of attitude extreme, a mass of information

back home a few days ago to do some things, but in that short three days, I received about 20 business information, this is still terrible. Of course, this is also to some extent, awareness about marketing and promotion is not clear, extreme attitude. In fact, let more people know your site, know your business is not a bad thing, but in what way let the other party know is particularly important. A group of information, or email marketing, let the staff information to all kinds of BBS, BLOG and mass book, in the short term we may visit will usher in a peak, but this part of the flow viscosity and the desire to buy is not able to reach the standard of our expectations, but in the long run, damage to the enterprise is far greater than the short-term benefits, because we have to leave others a good impression.

effect and the planned interval is too short, quick

to a certain extent, marketing and advertising is not what big difference, the essence is to let the audience know our products, but this requires a process, and not every marketing project can be immediately transformed into purchasing power, reflected in the performance. But not every marketing owners are full of patience with the marketing process, once they see the effect in the short term will immediately shift the focus of marketing, this approach will obviously increase their own marketing costs.

marketing is not to think about what to do, marketing needs planning, the need for steps, but also the need for patience. From the development of the website, the enterprise information release, to develop the promotion budget, choose the website marketing methods and products, arrange website marketing full-time sales, customer service, etc.

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