Buy expired refund encountered difficulties in implementing the policy was accused of one size fits

State Administration for Industry and commerce a paper order, so that after the battle of thousands of groups after the group buying site once again secretly anxious. In March 14th, the State Administration of industry and Commerce Administration website to hang out "on the strengthening of the network group purchase operations management advice" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), group purchase website operators should bear clear responsibilities seven. However, one of the group purchase website shall not set expired can not refund, but is considered to have administrative "across the board" too, Shanghai Dabang lawyer Yunting is pointed out that the "opinions" of the introduction of defects in legislative techniques.

most famous buy site has promised a refund

March 27th, the reporter asked the United States mission, glutinous rice, Juhuasuan, handle, such as the first line of the Group buy a website, these web pages show that there are related to the refund commitment. Among them, the U.S. group and glutinous rice are committed to "seven days without consumption of no reason for a refund" and "overdue refunds", but the money can only be returned website account; Wowo also support for overdue refunds, but must be in more than 20 days overdue application; Juhuasuan said the overdue payment of 90% consumption can be returned to the buyers of Alipay account……

, however, these "refund" commitment is not for all group purchase projects, such as Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) in the sale of 22 yuan Earth movie theater tickets "on the page clearly marked" do not support the refund". From the provisions of each group purchase website, basically physical products (the need of logistics delivery products), ticketing products (including physical tickets and electronic ticket), store vouchers (including physical and electronic shopping mall), tourism products do not support the refund.

so, whether these goods do not support the refund, we certainly support the national policy, whether it is the service or kind of buy, we have a corresponding refund policy." U.S. mission network (micro-blog) relevant person in charge told the IT times reporter. Glutinous rice network (micro-blog) is also very cautious, we are internal research, look at how to cooperate with the implementation." A staff member is an answer.

refund difficult to do behind the helpless

Although several

sites in the interview have been determined to support the opinion, but in fact, all of the group of companies to implement the implementation of the industrial and commercial administration of the refund is an almost impossible task". Clearly stated in advance that can not be expired refund of the project, it is difficult to achieve the basic requirements." A group purchase website insiders Ahmed (a pseudonym) on how to implement the "opinions" feel helpless.

buy movie tickets fear cattle

to the ticketing products as an example, some kind of group purchase group purchase website ticketing by underwriting, that is to say the site is to get a lower discount and promised the premise in sales, according to the amount of votes and eventually the money promised the settlement, many sell tickets is the group purchase website profit, so the original price of 80 yuan the movie tickets in order to group purchase site with the sales price of around seventy percent off. "If you can refund, this part of the refund will be"

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