Ali expansion of cross border electricity supplier business Amazon does not forget to brush with a

Abstract: in addition to these large Alibaba, the Amazon platform force of cross-border trade, Suning,, NetEase, Dangdang also have to speed up the layout. At the same time, as well as foreign terminals, honey bud baby this kind of start-up companies squeeze. Competition is there, but Zhang Jianfeng feel that these companies do not pose a threat to ali.

[Cao Tianpeng / titanium Media Editor] in order to cross-border electricity supplier business expansion, Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as ALI) chairman of the board of directors is to fight the.

in the past 2 weeks, he has gone to the United States, Russia, the two countries. He said that Ali will accelerate the pace of globalization, so he recently ran more, then there are many countries to go. Under the role of Ma, even former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s daughter also went to Tmall shop, engage in overseas purchasing.

in addition to Ma, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong also arrived in the United States this week, the specific implementation of the group’s global strategy, visit the brand, delivered a speech in washington.

After following the May

launched the first National Museum of Korean Pavilion, the United States, Britain and France in 11 in the "National Museum" in June 24th at the Tmall international line; at the same time, the embassy 20 countries cooperation Juhuasuan’s platform with the United States Britain and France, all imported goods sold.

in titanium media, when the media group visit, Ali China retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng said, Ali itself is a big data company, today is not to do cross-border trade from zero, but the overseas goods to China platform or by purchasing way.

overseas flagship store does not need to be registered in China, you can set up shop in Tmall international, operating overseas, through the bonded way to enter China, the enterprise operating costs to a minimum."

Tmall international on the line, so that Taobao’s online purchasing business white wash

See the

at the beginning of last year, Shanghai FTA open strategy to promote, with tremendous business opportunities in the sea Amoy business, Alibaba launched Tmall International Group, to conduct cross-border business, make overseas imported goods for Chinese market.

Zhang Jianfeng said that before the activities of Ali and overseas activities to prove that Chinese consumers demand for imported goods is very strong, and even a lot of imports of local production plans to change some local factories.

, for example, we do Thailand, Thailand latex pillows, mattresses sell very well. So the Chinese market demand for imported goods is very strong."

Prior to this, Taobao has been the global purchase business has been wandering in the gray area, Tmall international online, so that Taobao’s online purchasing business, white wash". In fact, the cross-border trade in cross-border imports of goods, but also the focus of the reform of the FTA test in Shanghai, in order to standardize the sea Amoy trade.

Tmall international as a subsidiary of Ali group’s independent operations, registered in Hongkong; owned by Ali international B2C division, the Division also includes face >

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