Jingdong mall Desert Storm markdowns customers questioned the dark down

October 10th, Jingdong mall launched a month of Desert Storm promotional activities. However, the first day of promotional activities, many consumers found that some of the market price of goods compared to before the event rose. In this regard, the Jingdong store response, promotional activities, by the Jingdong to provide goods does not exist to improve the market price, and provided by the third party merchant’s goods, the promotion price decision by the merchants themselves, but the market price is not allowed. Once found, Jingdong will be punished businesses.


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yesterday morning, Ms. Jia told reporters reflect, he received a message sent by Jingdong mall promotions. Ms. Jia immediately log Jingdong found a bag of the mall, the price does not fall up, "in October 9th, this package marked the market price is 778 yuan, the Jingdong is the price of 345 yuan. But today’s market price is 1198 yuan, Jingdong price is $598. Market price difference of more than and 400, there is no discount".

4 pm yesterday, the reporter saw in the promotion of "ladies handbags, write" luxury storm, 50 percent off cap, record the history of the lowest, today only valid payment "advertisement. In the pages of the commodity assessment area, the user "Lili 20" at 8:30 yesterday morning comment, "two days before the 340 yuan, but the price to do activities,".

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then press search on the Internet, many people have found micro-blog message, blame the Jingdong mall promotion fraud.


user "wana bishop Tory" said that he had 9 in the Jingdong on a fancy Vanward DSCF40-T4 water heater, the promotional price of 498 yuan, "I know that in October 10th there is a desert storm discounts, did not think of yesterday, the water heater price becomes 559 yuan, but the day of this water heater the page also prominently marked" preferential 140 yuan. ".

in addition to the "Desert Storm" promotional activities of the goods, as well as some of the goods in the promotion of the same day the price rise. Micro-blog user "Lucylu son said he had a" will be a Jingdong for a price of 195 yuan for the hydraulic swing time machine into the shopping cart, the 10 day promotional activities, the product page is the market price of 598 yuan, the Jingdong promotional price of 219 yuan, after the discount price of 24 yuan higher than before.


users seeking long meat cattle handsome "said that in October 9th the Jingdong store saw a 449 yuan of computer CPU, put it into the shopping cart, not 10 days to prepare the payment when they found the price of 459 yuan to become the" hit preferential name, but in fact the price, although the money not much, but always feel not so."

part of the consumer believes that the name of the name of the name of the mall by Jingdong, on the part of the commodity down dark.

Jingdong response


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