Points for 25 million investment Sequoia Capital and Wang Sicong and other investment

NetEase Francisco June 28th news, today, should pay for voice applications will be announced at & A round of financing is divided into a total of $25 million financing, investors including Yuan Jing capital, Sequoia Capital, Wang Sicong and Luo Ji thinking, over $100 million valuation.

at & points; a founder Ji thirteen also discloses a branch operation data for 42 days, currently more than 10 million authorized users, users pay more than 1 million, 330 thousand people opened a sub page, resulting in a 500 thousand voice response, the transaction amounted to more than 18 million.

For the use of

financing and a future, said Ji thirteen will soon open, and "good" and experts call in line with a start and it can also be carried out, and the answer of lightweight communication and precipitation content.

addition, in addition to personal answer the Lord, there are more than 800 institutions to apply for the settlement of a sub, and has customized a professional tool version, which currently includes Luo Ji thinking, car home, Keep, etc..

distribution & line was established in March 2015, in line with the completion of the pre-A round of financing in September 2015, investors include the world wide web CEO Zhou Yahui, the Kunlun commune and millet technology co-founder, Li Wanqiang, and so on, as well as.

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