Disk 2015 T Leadership Summit Ma absent Yang Yuanqing when the cannon

annual IT Leadership Summit, several Internet gangster chunqiangshezhan quanliquanwai are talking about.

summit this year, the lack of Ma Yun, had a slight regret, but because of the sharp words of Lenovo’s Yang Yuanqing, the scene once again become hot atmosphere.

"I want to speak to the traditional Internet companies to remind you, don’t kidnap and hijack our customers, whether it is in the name of security, or in the name of the housekeeper, we will not easily put our customers pay out.

we want to provide a safe and secure platform allows users to easily manage application, what applications should not start it off, lest one day the battery is not enough, the flow is wasted."

on the development strategy of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing not only expressed his views on the construction of software platform for Lenovo, "in a threatening manner" fire from the traditional Internet companies.

in addition, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng described the relationship between the giants is also very clever, he used a classic line: let the bullets fly for a while".

he pointed out that in the hot areas with the deepening of competition, the major giants who can not beat each other, but in fact if the joint is the opportunity to work together to make the market bigger, such as taxi software. But the beginning of the competition can not be avoided, investors always have to burn the money when the pain will think of joint. So he said, "let the bullets fly for a while," and talk about cooperation.

in addition to the Internet bigwigs speak much concern, the degree of sub forum hot as much as the main forum. In the afternoon of the 22 day of the congregation and the creation "sub forum, and in order to Taiwan investors on the platform to establish contact, had almost crushed Yong stage entrepreneurs.

Yang Yuanqing

"fire" at

security software

in the morning session of the summit dialogue, had a slightly dull dialogue because of Yang Yuanqing’s words, the atmosphere becomes unusually hot.

on the software platform of Lenovo’s strategy, Yang Yuanqing bluntly pointed to hijack PC security software users, "the Internet Co, you also don’t easily abduction of our customers, whether it is in the name of security, or in the name of the housekeeper, we will not easily put our customers pay out. Because I want my equipment to have the best security, with the best butler service, has a very convenient application download platform."

Robin Li then called rounders is good, regardless of any industry are industries with the Internet thinking, complementary resources to help each other to do good things. He believes that Lenovo and Baidu have many opportunities for cooperation.

Ma Huateng also said: "just mentioned, safety steward, we now have some cooperation, the brand is Lenovo, Lenovo brand steward safety, no problem, we can help you do some outsourcing services, we are actively working with manufacturers."


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