Google new promotion to the main service website advertising product information integration

webmaster admin5.com4 Sept. 28, according to foreign media reports, Google days before the launch of a new advertising service website "Google for Advertisers", the site incorporates all of Google’s marketing tool information.

Google said, the new site has four main purposes are: a better understanding of Google in different media platform; grasp the "marketing cycle"; to better target marketing objectives; and establish personalized toolkit.

Google AdWords team member Emel Mutlu pointed out that Google in different stages of advertising marketing order, different advertising solutions together. These stages include the development of strategies, creative development, media release, advertising effectiveness evaluation and advertising optimization, etc.. This helps advertisers better plan advertising marketing, and bring higher advertising investment returns.

Google this new website provides tutorials, videos and a large number of advertising materials, including Google advertising products, including Internet advertising, television advertising and mobile advertising. The site also integrates calendar services, Google official blog marketing information, as well as some YouTube channels.

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