Daily topic virtual currency into the cold period Bitcoin plummeted nearly 40%

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 21st news, recently, according to bitcoin news website CoinDesk reported that bitcoin price index fell to $435.60 lows on Monday. To make matters worse, a large bitcoin exchange even suffered a more severe decline. Bitcoin trading platform btc-e bitcoin prices quickly fell to $309 / month, the volume dramatically enlarged, more than half of the average daily trading volume of the platform, compared to the highest price of the day bitcoin $498 fell to nearly 40%.


this is the latest drop in bitcoin prices, the virtual currency last week hit the lowest point since the end of 5. At least one well-known analyst and several exchange users believe that the collapse of margin trading, and bitcoin transaction prices BTC-e exchange even plunged to $309, compared to the highest price of the day bitcoin $498 fell to nearly 40%.

at present, the mainstream bitcoin platform bitcoin prices are back to about $450, but trading volume fell significantly to very low level. Compared with the historical high of $1242 in November 2013, bitcoin has now fallen by more than half.

industry analysts said, digital currency doldrums recently with the mining enterprise collective debt throw coins related. Is different from the common currency, bitcoin network by mining to generate a new bitcoin. The so-called "mining" is essentially to solve complex mathematical problems with computer, to ensure consistency of distributed bitcoin network accounting system. The high rate of return bitcoin attract more and more people joined the "mining" in the team. Mining will be equipped with "machine", "machine" is the core of the costly "chip".

in the industry and the Wright currency bitcoin racing together bridle to bridle is also experiencing, collapse, decline even more than bitcoin. Trading price fell to $more than and 20 in just one week from $more than and 40, or nearly 50%, down nearly 23% on Monday. In addition, Diablo currency (darkcoin) fell 48%, other currencies such as Billy niche currency trading platform on August 18th only a single day has fallen by nearly 97%, facing difficulties disappear.

this slump, in the digital currency industry ", in part Starving people fill the land." game player suffered huge losses at the same time, also Lenovo to burst in seventeenth Century Holland "tulip bubble".

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