Taobao to modify the search rules to limit the purchase of cheap shopping guide website

Taobao announced a new policy for third party drainage platform, VIP buy, such as the flagship of the nine models, such as low-cost third-party shopping guide website has been included in the website is not included in the search for the time being. Taobao explained that this new policy is to search a fine-tuning of ranking of Taobao, has little effect on ordinary consumers, the purpose is to guide Taobao sellers to pay more attention to quality and service, do not focus on the price war on the vicious spiral.

Taobao PR sources, the temporary is not included in the search site and U stations including VIP, Amoy goods, cattle group purchase nine pieces of mail, Amoy Amoy 800 concessions, pick up baby, Tesco, seckill, special offer special offer cats, rob cattle products, enjoy the special offer, boutique Street, poly fold, Amoy every day affordable, I love the trend.

yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporter login nine mailing website to see that the site’s style and buy site similar, but most of the commodity prices are around 9 yuan, but also provide a full range of post. However, these low-priced goods are limited supply, click on the picture to buy button, which entered the Taobao page of the goods.

Taobao insiders said, some sellers will store a commodity into the third party shopping guide website, sales price is almost guaranteed even lower than the cost price, the purpose is to attract more customers to buy other goods, drive in store sales, department stores with limited special offer is the same effect.

the Taobao search search ranking rules, which means that the traffic from the site will not be included in Taobao search. For example, the seller through these sites to sell 500 goods, but consumers on the Taobao search by sales, then, these are not counted in the inside of the 500.

industry insiders said that this policy is bound to hit these third super flagship model of low-cost shopping guide site hit.


deal also shows that sales will increase speculation punishment: crack down through the 88W network, and win-win alliance manager Wang shopkeeper, valley network, good reputation, reputation, Baili net 173 18 years, NNT interactive platform, the credibility of the more than and 200 La brush reputation specializing in speculation network station, YY (42.01, 0.27 0.65%), channel and QQ group for speculation, excluding related sales, and severely punish related businesses speculation.

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