New clear URL forwarding domain name causes DNS parsing failure

December 30th news, Admin5 webmaster network users to reflect the webmaster network: all the domain name of the new network under the name of the failure of the domain name analysis led to the site can not be normal access.

webmaster network editor to call the new network customer service hotline, Beijing headquarters has been busy in the state can not be connected, then call the new Nanjing branch, a responsible person told us that because of the new network in December 29th to about 5 in the afternoon began to clear the URL domain name forwarding, cause all website DNS parsing failure, today has been part of the DNS domain name to restore normally, a large area to restore telecommunications or Netcom line refresh can be restored to normal, users do not need to make any modifications dns.

about new network

Beijing new network digital information technology Co., Ltd. ( was founded in 1993, is China’s digital group, a well-known domestic and international information technology application service provider. The business scope includes domain name registration services, web hosting and email services, a new network is to get the world ICANN (ICANN) and Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) domain name registration services dual authentication.


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