One week news review fast and easy open warfare 360 Jingdong Webmaster Platform pinch line

1, Ali teamed up with the "one by one" to build a hundred billion logistics network

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) one day you will be able to produce tens of millions of single parcel Alibaba group will personally launched the logistics. Ali group announced yesterday, has been finalized with the relevant logistics companies, capital and financial institutions jointly build China intelligent logistics network". The first phase of the investment amount of 100 billion yuan, 8-10 years later, the network will be able to support the average daily retail sales of 30 billion, and the realization of service in the country within 24 hours.

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2, Jingdong easy fast open warfare fiery


buy expensive back to the difference, the lowest price of the whole network, to adapt to the majority of consumers online shopping advertising, these electricity supplier advertising is not accustomed to seeing strange. But at the beginning of the year, because it is similar to the slogan, triggered a Jingdong mall fast and easy to open the first two major electricity supplier. Due to the fast and easy network to Jingdong as a contrast to send you on the loss, Jingdong to Yi Xun made a unfair competition warning letter.

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3, high valuation unreasonable Facebook mode or has entered a dead end

according to foreign media reports, Huffington post writer Janet • • • (Janet Tavakoli) wrote a review article that Facebook’s business model has entered a dead end. This week, Facebook announced the introduction of a map search, for example, users can use the map search to see his friend "like" movie. Unfortunately, the user can not determine whether the search results are true, but also for advertisers.

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